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Bill's Top 10 Automation & Control Trends for 2017 – Convergence, Divergence, or Chaos?

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2016 was an exciting year of innovation and exploration in industrial automation. All this cutting-edge development fuels the excitement, but also begs a relevant question: Will these developments lead to convergence, divergence, and/or chaos in 2017?

Opto Engineering and Matrix Vision announce strategic partnership

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Through this partnership, Opto Engineering and Matrix Vision will work to be able to provide their customers with a combination of imaging components to achieve optimal performance.

Navitar Canada announces purchase of PixeLink

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Based in Ottawa, ON, Canada, PixeLINK manufactures, optimizes and integrates industrial cameras for machine vision applications and microscope cameras for life science and digital microscopy applications.

Cognex announces acquisition of Webscan

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Founded in 1995 by barcode industry expert, Glenn Spitz, Webscan is the technology developer in barcode verification offering 1-D, 2-D and direct part marking (DPM) barcode verifiers for any type of barcode symbology across many industry applications

Association for Advancing Automation announces Automate Launch Pad Startup Competition

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The Automate Launch Pad Startup Competition seeks out startup companies looking to generate awareness of their technology and find new sources of funding.

The Association for Advancing Automation (A3) announces launch of Mexican trade association

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A3 Mexico will serve as a networking hub, fostering interaction between entrepreneurs, investors, vendors, customers, students, educators, scientists, journalists and industry analysts.

Bitflow shares 5 technology trends likely to affect machine vision in 2017

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Each has the potential to significantly impact or even disrupt processes, and may poise the need for investment by manufacturers who face the risk of being late to adopt.

Lazpiur and Cy-Time partner to deliver machine vision to Chinese market

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This machine was designed by Lazpiur to verify the dimensions of different parts through high resolution vision. It is ideal for first article inspection as well as for sampling or carrying out statistical control of production parts.

Fuji America chooses Saki's automated optical inspection system

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Saki's inspection and measurement systems will be used to ensure that the printed circuit boards produced at Fuji adhere to the standards of quality and reliability.

Cognex announces acquisition of two 3D machine vision companies

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On October 27, 2016, Cognex acquired EnShape GmbH, a maker of advanced 3D vision sensors and software based in Jena, Germany. On August 30, 2016, Cognex also completed the acquisition of AQSense, a provider of 3D vision software based in Girona, Spain.