Products for Vision Systems

EyeVision Presents a Crosshair Generator That Can Solve Diverse Application Cases

  • EVT EyeVision Technology GmbH

EyeVision Technology now offers a crosshair application where only a flicker-free overlay is superimposed on the camera image, or a semi-manual measurement system that works similar to a profile projector.

InfraTec's New Infrared Zoom Camera: Small, Light, Universal

  • InfraTec GmbH

Efficiency has a new name: ImageIR 6300 Z–radiometric with a powerful zoom lens and new SWaP detector.

Chromasens Dual 10GigE Line Scan Camera Designed for High-Speed, Cost-Effective Color Inspection

The new Chromasens allPIXA evo 8K DXGE Color X camera supports the most challenging color line-scan vision tasks.

Siemens’ SynthAI Revolutionizes Machine Vision Training with Artificial Intelligence

  • Siemens

Siemens Digital Industries Software’s SynthAI service is delivering the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to solve the challenge of training machine vision systems.

Teledyne’s High-resolution Multispectral Line Scan Camera Extends Defect Detection Beyond the Surface

  • Teledyne DALSA

Teledyne DALSA introduces its Linea ML 8k multispectral CLHS line scan camera for improved defect detectability with a single scan.

Cognex In-Sight 2800 Combines Deep Learning and Traditional Vision in an Easy-to-Use Package

  • Cognex Corporation

Automates error detection in minutes–no programming experience required.

AAEON, MVTec, and Basler Offer Joint Deep Learning Bundle

  • AAEON Electronics, Inc.
  • Basler Inc.
  • MVTec LLC

The bundle is ready for immediate use and enables a wide range of applications thanks to its easy-to-use approach.

Chromasens Linescan Camera Achieves High-Speed Color Inspection

Chromasens chromaPIXA 2K linescan cameras enable stable color measurement, greatly simplifying further image processing in high-speed applications.

Thine’s 13MP UVC Camera Kit Now Available for a Variety of Operating Systems

THine Solutions, Inc., announced they verified their THEIA-CAM THSCU101 13-MegaPixel Phase-Detection Auto-Focus (PDAF) USB Video Class (UVC) camera kit performs on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, Raspberry Pi, and Jetson platforms through the USB port.