Products for Automotive

NewTek Rotary Position Sensors Ensure Accurate Positioning of Automotive Robots

Newtek RV series of Rotary Position Sensors ensure the performance accuracy of industrial robotic systems used throughout automotive assembly plants.

Chromasens 3D Road Surface Inspection Camera Automatically Detects Potholes and Cracks for Faster, Less Expensive Repairs

To help in the development of an automated road inspection solution, Chromasens has introduced its new 3DPIXA RI stereo line-scan camera.

STMicroelectronics Unveils Next-Generation MEMS Accelerometer for High-Performance Automotive Applications

  • STMicroelectronics

The STMicroelectronics AIS2IH three-axis linear accelerometer brings enhanced resolution, temperature stability, and mechanical robustness to non-safety automotive applications including anti-theft, telematics, infotainment, tilt/inclination measurement, and vehicle navigation.

Microchip Introduces First Automotive-Qualified, Single-Chip Solution for Large, Ultrawide Touch Displays

  • Microchip

Supporting LCD and OLED displays, Microchip’s latest maXTouch touchscreen controller reduces integration complexity and cost for ultrawide touch displays up to 45 inches.

OnRobot Launches Advanced MG10 Magnetic Gripper for Safe and Precise, Collaborative Applications

OnRobot's out-of-the-box, magnetic gripper for manufacturing, automotive and aerospace applications is the latest addition to OnRobot's range of no-fuss, all-electric gripper products. Unlike standard magnetic grippers, the MG10 has programmable force features and comes with built-in grip and part detection sensors.

Kivnon Presents its Latest Three Innovations in Mobile Robotics

Kivnon expands its mobile robot portfolio with a new range of Automated Forklifts and a new rotational lifting platform AGV/AMR.

Rockwell Automation Delivers Reliable Decoding at the Speed You Need

  • Rockwell Automation

The new Allen-Bradley 48CR Code Reader from Rockwell Automation delivers 1D, 2D and Direct Part Marked (DPM) code reading–including barcodes and QR Codes–in a small package.

New Inverter Enhances QuickStick HT Intelligent Conveyor System Performance

  • Rockwell Automation

The QuickStick HT intelligent conveyor system from Rockwell Automation is designed to transport large loads with the intelligence of independent cart technology.

Nikon Metrology Announces New Detector Evaluation Package

  • Nikon Metrology, Inc.

Nikon Metrology's new Detector Evaluation Package in accordance with ASTM E2737 uniquely offers automated analysis of image data with performance trend analysis.

IDEC KW2D Series Smart RFID Reader Safely and Simply Secures Industrial Equipment

  • IDEC Corporation

Built for easy integration into industrial environments and systems, this new RFID device lets OEMs and end users implement secure equipment identification, access control, and traceability.