Products for Automotive

ErgoTech MIStudio for Android

MIStudio builds True-Mobile, SCADA and Server solutions. Easily access PLCs, databases, RTUs and more directly on Android.

Precise, collaborative, easy to use

Universal Robots reinvents industrial robotics with lightweight and flexible robot arms.

Maple Systems Graphic HMI Family

  • Maple Systems, Incorporated

The Maple Systems Graphic HMI Operator Interfaces are designed to meet your most demanding automation needs.

Cognex introduces Tire Solutions vision system

  • Cognex Corporation

Tire Solutions is a suite of products designed to solve barcode and low-contrast embossed character reading challenges for tire manufacturers.

Rockwell Software expands AutoSuite MES for Automotive

  • Rockwell Automation
  • Rockwell Automation

Enhancements in AutoSuite v2.0 include applications to coordinate and synchronize manufacturing tasks, quality procedures and inventory movement in automotive manufacturing.

Tapeswitch introduces Safety and Sensing Bumpers

  • Tapeswitch Corp.

The safety bumper systems are intended for machine safety, large machinery and equipment emergency shutdown solutions and collision prevention applications.

Molex announces MX150 Unsealed Connector System

  • Molex

MX150 unsealed connector system is for direct connect or in-line mid-power body electronics applications in the automotive industry, where space is limited.

Datapaq announces MicroMag thermocouple for painting

The encapsulated magnet design allows reliable direct use during production, even on wet painted and e-coated substrates.

POSITAL adds J1939 interface to encoders and inclinometers

  • POSITAL - Fraba Inc.

IP69K-rated inclinometers and encoders with J1939 interfaces are ideal for control and safety systems for vehicles and off-road equipment.

Lanner announces LVC-5570 In-Vehicle computers

  • Lanner Inc.

LVC-5570D4-CA and LVC-5770-7A are ideal for in-vehicle data needs, including surveillance, digital signage and video capture, vehicle location, and driver behavior monitoring.