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Hoffmann-Krippner announces EHEDG hygenic mounting kit for P53 “Steel Head” ultrasonic sensors

This hygienic sensor solution has been designed for the food and beverage sector and chemical and pharmaceutical industries – suitable for any manufacturing/assembly/bottling/packaging system that requires a clean and hygienic environment.

Lapp Group announces EPIC ULTRA H-A ¾ model of connector housing and EPIC ULTRA H-B cover

  • Lapp USA

Together, these corrosion-resistant materials make the connector a fit for applications including wind turbines, washdown machinery, offshore equipment, chemical processing lines, telecommunication installations and many other heavy industrial equipment.

FCI announces enhancements to FLT93 flow switch series

  • FCI - Fluid Components International

The enhanced FLT93 Flow Switch is suitable for flow detection of liquids or gases and is available in several wetted materials for compatibility with virtually any fluid

Seeq introduces Seeq integration module for Inductive Automation's Ignition SCADA system

The Seeq integration module is designed to simplify integration of Seeq Workbench into Ignition displays and server gateways. Ignition customers in manufacturing, mining, pulp & paper, food & beverage, and other process industries use Seeq Workbench to find insights in their data.

AW-LAKE COMPANY introduces the MicroTRICOR TCM-100 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

This mass flow meter is suitable for dosing, blending and batching in applications such as chemical injection, precision painting and coating applications, and batch processing associated with liquid or gas handling and dispensing.

Festo introduces family of sanitary valves for pharma and biotech industries

  • Festo Corporation

The automated valve solutions feature the company’s VZBE ball valves, VZXA angle seat valves, VZQA pinch valves, DFPD quarter-turn actuators, VSNC NAMUR pilot valves, and the SRBC family of open/close sensor boxes.

IDEC introduces EC2B series of enclosures and control stations

  • IDEC Corporation

These standard and custom control stations utilize IDEC’s EU2B line of hazardous location pushbuttons, pilot lights, selector switches, key selector switches, emergency stop switches and analog meters.

POSITAL adds PROFINET interface to IXARC rotary encoders

Areas of application for these encoders include oil and gas facilities, underground mines, chemical plants, milling operations and grain-handling facilities.

Comark announces EDT1700 EnduraTouch II series of industrial computer

The EDT1700 is a fit for applications such as total wash-down spray areas, areas requiring resistance to bacteria, sanitation areas, high temperature areas, or in wet, dirty or corrosive environments.