Products for Food & Beverage

Leuze introduces DRT 25C dynamic reference diffuse sensor

  • Leuze electronic

Leuze's detection expert – the DRT 25C – works to meet the requirements of packaging machines for confectionery and baked goods with reference technology.

Transforming Manufacturing with Data and Technology

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ONDO announces ONDO Smart Farming solution

The solution ONDO has been developed by a Bulgarian company and offers both the hardware and software required for the automation of all plant growing processes, for all crops - inside greenhouses, orchards, on vineyards or on the open field.

Dunkermotoren introduces SA / SC 38 series of three-phase linear motors

The three-phase linear motors deliver up to 3690 N and accelerate at over 200 m/s². The modular design is currently available as actuator version SA (with maintenance-free plain bearing system) and component version SC (for modules).

ABB announces Food & Beverage (F&B) Assessment Portfolio

  • ABB

The Food & Beverage (F&B) Assessment Portfolio is aimed at helping F&B manufacturers improve processes by giving them a better understanding of their plant, from power to automation to digital readiness.

Sterling Systems & Control announces safety upgrades for Micro/Minor Ingredient Batching Systems

  • Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc.
  • Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc.
  • Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc.

Sterling Systems & Controls has introduced its bag lift and pallet scissor lift features that eliminate the physical stress on the operator when filling ingredient bins from 50+lbs bags stored on pallets.

Pneumatic Scale Angelus introduces CB100 canning line for craft brewers

The CB100 gas flush systems help keep oxygen out of the beer. And, PSA’s double-seaming technology helps keep cans sealed tight.

SENSOR Sampling Systems introduces CONCENTRIC Needle System

Standard bottle systems from SENSOR utilize one process needle for filling the bottle and another separate needle for venting it. The needles, in combination with a bottle, cap and septum, provide for the “Closed-Loop” design of the sample system.

AutomationDirect introduces Marathon Powerwash SXT motors

  • AutomationDirect
  • AutomationDirect

Jet pump motors are commonly used in commercial and industrial water treatment and processing applications to power centrifugal and hydraulic pumps. Marathon jet pump motors are available in single and three-phase, and in TEFC and Open Drip Proof (ODP) designs.

Mitsubishi Electric announces Smart Condition Monitoring system

  • Mitsubishi Electric Automation

The SCM system is designed to allow not only full condition monitoring to avoid failure but also the automation IT framework to synergise the use of maintenance resources.