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Mitsubishi Electric releases 9900D uninterruptible power supplies

  • Mitsubishi Electric Automation

The 9900D uses 400kVA power modules integrated with intelligent bypass modules. The bypass modules are available in 1200kVA, 1600kVA, 2000kVA sizes with up to five power modules. The scalable design adds supplemental modules over time to meet increasing capacity needs.

ACIENNA introduces MCx1101 family of ±5A, ±20A, and ±50A current sensors

The MCx1101 are fully integrated, bi-directional current sensors that offer DC accuracy and dynamic range. For example, the ±20A version has a typical accuracy of ±0.6% and are guaranteed to achieve an accuracy of ±2.0% (max) at 85°C.

ABB announces e-mesh power grid monitoring software

  • ABB

ABB Ability e-mesh solution is a cloud-based offering that is designed to enable utilities, industries, independent power producers and operators to make business decisions by monitoring and controlling their sites and fleets remotely.

Bentley Systems announces OpenUtilities DER Planning & Design Assessment Solutions electric utility software

The solutions generate an electrical digital twin for utilities – a GIS digital twin that enables owner/operators to model the grid for decentralized energy

Protek Power North America announces PMP250 series of 220-250 Watt AC/DC power supplies

The PMP250 Series delivers between 220 and 250 watts of continuous output power with a choice of Class I or Class II AC inlets. The dimensions are 8” x 3.45” x 1.6” with a weight of 2.4 lbs. The standard output connection is a Molex mini-fit receptacle.

Phoenix Contact announces QUINT DC UPS intelligent modular solution

  • Phoenix Contact

The QUINT DC UPS can be monitored for predictive maintenance anywhere there is an Industrial Ethernet network connection. The network connection is integrated into the UPS.

Process Solutions announces Airixa Energy and Demand Management features

  • Process Control Solutions, Inc. & Reliable Power Controls

Airixa deploys an intelligent feature set, such as the ability to set an adaptive demand limit for each month, user-selected load reduction priorities, priorities based on production metrics and constraints, and demand response, which monitors the facility’s power loads and automatically controls those loads to match the demand with the supply.

GE Power announces MXL2 power upgrade solution with Additive Manufactured Performance (AMP)

  • GE Digital

The MXL2 with AMP includes two components produced by GE’s Additive Manufacturing Works (AMW) teams in Birr, Switzerland, and Greenville, South Carolina, United States: the first-stage turbine vanes and heat shields.

NOARK Electric announces M5 and M6 frames for Ex9M series Molded Case Circuit Breaker

Each frame size offers a range of interrupting voltage ratings from 240-690 Vac and 250-600 Vdc and are compliant with global standards that include UL 489, CSA C22.2 No 5.1, IEC 60947- 2.