Products for Industry Segments

SICK Launches New High Pressure Gas Flow Meter for Natural Gas Distribution

  • SICK, Inc.

The new FLOWSIC550 is the latest ultrasonic meter dedicated to high pressure applications.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Delivers Efficient, Economical Solutions for End-of-Line Packaging


The use of decentralized drive solutions with asynchronous motors can achieve cost benefits of up to 50% while providing a more compact footprint and high-efficiency operation.

TM Robotics’ CASI-SmartBox Streamlines Packing Process

CASI-SmartBox can reduce the size of any shipping box by scanning the item height and cutting cardboard, streamlining the packing process.

Leybold VAControl: Intelligent Process Control for Better Product Quality and More Efficiency

With the Multi-VAControl, users have a solution to control, monitor and synchronize pumps in central vacuum systems as well as in Roots pump systems.

PREMO Releases Cutting-Edge Inductive Couplers for Electric Vehicle Sniffing

PREMO, a leading manufacturer of inductive components, has unveiled its latest breakthrough product.

BAK Food Equipment Introduces Versatile Mixers That Can Handle Anything

N&N Nadratowski MIX and MIX V series mixers provide gentle, effective and efficient mixing of a range of food products.

H2S in Liquids Process Analyzer Monitors H2S in Crude Oil as Part of Environmental Compliance, Safety and Quality Control

  • Keco Engineered Controls

The KECO Model 205 PermaStream H2S in Liquids Process Analyzer offers an accurate quantification of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in sample streams of crude oil as part of environmental compliance, safety and quality control practices.

Leuze Presents Smallest Contrast Sensor It Has Ever Made

  • Leuze Electronic, Inc.

The new KRT 3C contrast sensor from Leuze can be flexibly integrated into packaging processes thanks to its multicolor capability and small size.

FCI’s Liquid Level Sensors Detect Aircraft Gearbox Oil Level To Support Maintenance Needs and Prevent Safety Issues

  • FCI - Fluid Components International

FCI Aerospace presents the AS-LL Liquid Level Sensors.

Valmet Introduces Mill-Wide Optimization System for Pulp and Paper Operations

The solution helps pulp and paper mills evolve toward self-governing autonomous operations.