Products for Industry Segments

Dematic announces Accumulation Conveyor

  • Dematic Corp.

Dematic Accumulation Conveyor is a solution designed for existing operations that need to improve conveyor accumulation performance. It can be integrated into an existing convey/sort system to replace old worn-out conveyors as well as poor performing conveyors.

Electro-Chemical Devices introduces CA-6 Colorimetric copper analyzer

  • Electro-Chemical Devices, Inc.

The CA-6 Colorimetric Analyzer can be configured to measure iron or a range of other substances with a choice of multiple parameters:  ppb, ppm and mg/L. 

Leuze introduces DRT 25C dynamic reference diffuse sensor

  • Leuze electronic

Leuze's detection expert – the DRT 25C – works to meet the requirements of packaging machines for confectionery and baked goods with reference technology.

CMC introduces CMC Paper-PRO auto-bagging system

  • CMC

Designed to automate the fulfilment of single or multi products in cut-to-size, ready-to-ship paper bags, the system can process both Paper-PRO Kraft cardboard and CMC Paper-PRO bubble paper that offers the same protection as standard polybags or padded mailers.

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Yamaha Motor Europe releases LCMR200 linear conveyor module

  • Yamaha Robotics

The LCMR200 inherits features from the current LCM-X model such as narrow pitch, but now with rigidity through a complete reassessment of the module structure

GROB Systems introduces PSS-L linear pallet storage system

  • Grob Systems, Inc.

The PSS-L is suited as a modular system for individual machines or for interlinking the same machining systems.

Honeywell announces Fast Track Automation for medical production

  • Honeywell Inc.

Fast Track Automation is a response to the global COVID-19 outbreak, which has highlighted the need to accelerate delivery of medical solutions and devices to patients by focusing on ensuring more efficient production and testing capabilities along with facilitating strengthened supply chain.

Reliable Controls announces RC-WebView 3.13

  • Reliable Controls Corp.

RC-WebView is an browser-based building management solution that allows operators and administrators to efficiently manage any internet-connected building automation system. 

Tompkins Robotics announces t-Sort solution for micro-fulfillment

The micro-fulfillment solution utilizes the company’s t-Sort autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to optimize operations in a store backroom, micro-fulfillment center (MFC) or dark store.