Mitsubishi Electric Automation releases FR-XC Series Multi-functional Regenerative Converter

  • Mitsubishi Electric Automation

Geared towards end users in crane and material handling applications, the regenerated energy from one VFD in a lift application is used by another VFD to drive other motors in the system.

Mobile Industrial Robots releases MiR1000 autonomous mobile robot

The MiR1000 is designed as a collaborative, safe and flexible alternative to fork lifts on the factory floor. MiR is also releasing artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities across all of its AMRs for navigation.

Brenton introduces RPX-SW series of modular robotic palletizers integrated with Orion automatic stretch wrapper

In the RPX-SW series, there are four palletizer configurations, including two with automated pallet handling modules. These RPX-SW robotic palletizers require anywhere from 200 to 350 square feet of floor space, depending on the configuration.

Ancra Cargo introduces AutoDeck automated integrated decking system

The Ancra Cargo AutoDeck system allows loading dock staff and drivers to automate the height of each beam at the push of a button for customized decking solutions.

ROEQ introduces TR500 Top Roller

The TR500 accommodates U.S. pallets and can be delivered with a fully automated lifter functionality for pick-up and delivery of goods in heights ranging from 23.6 inches (600mm) to 29.5 inches (750mm).

Hänel Storage Systems announces hands-free Hänel Lean-Lift Vertical Lift Module (VLM)

Through the use of wireless “data eyeglasses” and Pick-by-Voice, a Hänel Lean-Lift Vertical Lift Module (VLM) can be operated hands-free, without the use of a system controller or keyboard.

ELOKON releases ELOfleet forklift fleet management system as an app-based solution

ELOfleet is OEM-independent and can be installed on any type of industrial truck. But it also provides an alternative for managing single-brand fleets. Customers can customize their own branded versions of ELOfleet, with their own individualized safety messages.

GreyOrange releases Flexo modular sortation robotics system

The AI-enabled robotics system can be scaled to meet evolving business needs to handle large peaks, and reduced during non-peak hours. Flexo components are designed to allow for implementation in as short as 15 days due to its simple design, modularity and standardisation.

Dynamic Systems announces Advanced Checkmate Mobile inventory application

The Advanced Checkmate Mobile application records inventory from receiving through storage and shipping and has a feature to count inventory and print a discrepancy report.

Sterling Systems & Controls announces Loadout Automation Application for Feedmills

  • Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc.
  • Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc.
  • Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc.

Sterling Systems’ Loadout application system ensures the transport of the correct product to the desired location. With the ability to custom fill a truck with multiple orders, the Loadout system identifies the load needing to go into the truck trailer and then fills it with the correct material based on the order.