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Wiley Uses Softing's PROFIBUS Tester to Reduce Commissioning Time

  • Case Study

The PROFIBUS Tester identified potential, covert failure nuisances within the PROFIBUS network before DCS commissioning started, reducing the overall time needed for commissioning the DCS by about 25%.

Softing and Industrial Automation Networks partner on installations

  • News

Industrial Automation Networks will assist Softing's customers in deploying products in their plants.

Softing cores power PROFIBUS Interface for ABB

  • Case Study

ABB's S+ Control PDP800 PROFIBUS Interface is built on FPGA technology and intellectual property (IP) cores provided by Softing and does not require a dedicated ASIC.

Softing to supply Profibus boards to Emerson for AMS Suite

  • News

Softing's interface boards provide AMS Suite with PROFIBUS asset capability needed to access diagnostic information from PROFIBUS DP and PA devices when connecting to third party host systems.

Softing provides FOUNDATION fieldbus interface to Yokogawa

  • News

Yokogawa integrated Softing's FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 USB interface with its FieldMate PC based configuration tool.

Ten Reasons for OPC UA

  • Feature

By Peter Seeberg and Jürgen Lange, Softing
The third part of this series of articles outlines ten key reasons that have led to the development of an entirely new technology generation, the OPC Unified Architecture.

WirelessHART: Easy Integration into Existing Field Devices

  • Feature, July 2012
By Inge Hübner
After some teething problems, wireless technology, such as WirelessHART, is becoming more and more established in the process industry.

Softing to provide PROFIdtm to Weidmueller

  • News

Weidmueller will include PROFIdtm (communications or commDTM) with its WI-Manager.

On the Verge of a Breakthrough

  • Feature, May 2012
By Georg Süss, Softing
OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) is a standard is aimed at eliminating the weak points detected in Classic OPC while significantly expanding the use case scenarios. Part 1 in a series of eight articles.

Origin, Development and Objectives of OPC UA

  • Feature, May 2012
By Jürgen Lange, Softing
Here's a history of OPC, which also gives an understanding of the importance that the new OPC Unified Architecture standard has for automation. Part 2 in a series of eight articles