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Turck announces expansion of facilities in U.S., Mexico

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Turck’s production facility in Mexico has nearly doubled, as 65,000 square feet were added. Six new work cells and new equipment will help to accelerate the manufacturing of customer orders. In the U.S., Turck has added 38,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space near its Plymouth, Minnesota, headquarters.

Turck introduces Harness and Cable Assembly Solutions team

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Turck’s harness and cable assembly capabilities include automated strip crimping, hot stamping, looming, termination of industry standard connectors, and potting. The team also provides a wide range of services including bonded inventory, Kan-Ban, overmolded cordset options, PPAP, and kitting.

Turck announces acquisition of U Grok It Smartphone RFID technology and products

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Turck licensed U Grok It’s technology for its PD-IDENT handheld reader (Turck part number: PD-IDENT-UHF-RUG-MOBILE-860-960) in 2016, allowing customers to use their iOS and Android devices to track, control, and manage RFID applications. By investing in this technology, Turck continues to support the platform and development tools for both Turck and U Grok It customers.

Inside Turck’s Industrial Control Edge Devices - Embedded PLC & ARGEE Logic Engines

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By Bill Lydon, Editor, Automation.com Keeping consistent with Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 concepts and architectures, Turck has embedded PLC control into their traditional products, thereby extending capabilities to be a control company.

Turck announces partnership with U Grok It

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This strategic partnership will allow Turck to provide customers with a custom Turck RFID app for their iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices to be used in conjunction with Turck’s BL ident RFID system.

TURCK acquires Chartwell Automation

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The new company name is now TURCK Chartwell Canada, Inc.

TURCK inclinometer receives CID2 certification

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Single and dual axis inclinometers are certified for use in Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D hazardous locations.

White Paper Compares Assembled and Overmolded Cordsets

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By Turck White paper identifies the differences between assembled and overmolded technologies, offers a comparison of the cordsets, and provides a detailed description of the advantages of overmolded cordsets.

Quick Disconnect vs. Hard-Wiring

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TURCK announces its latest white paper, Quick Disconnect vs. Hard-Wiring: Selecting a Connectivity System For Your Industrial Application. Providing a detailed comparison between quick disconnect and hard-wiring systems, the white paper assists readers in selecting the ideal connectivity system for their industrial applications.

Guide for Selecting Track and Trace Technology

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White paper provides a detailed comparison between RFID and vision identification technologies to assist manufacturers in selecting the ideal track and trace technology to meet their application demands.