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EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) releases EtherCAT Device Protocol Poster

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The poster deals with the basics of EtherCAT technology, the EtherCAT Device Protocol (EDP), and provides a visual overview of EtherCAT. It describes the basic functional principles of EtherCAT, the structure of the frame and its processing in the EtherCAT Slave Controller (ESC).

Purdue University announces opening of SOL4CE Cyber/Cyber-Physical Laboratory

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The SOL4CE (Scalable Open Laboratory for Cyber Experimentation) is a collaborative initiative between CERIAS, the interdisciplinary cyber/cyber-physical security research institute, and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Sandia National Laboratories.

National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA) announces support for vocational and technical training efforts to close skills gap

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A recent industry survey by NTMA through found that more than 90% of manufacturers are struggling to fill open positions. Other data show that the number of job openings in manufacturer is expected to grow even more in the next decade if there is not a significant investment in skills training.

HANNOVER MESSE 2020 to focus on 5G, industrial climate protection

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With its keynote theme of Industrial Transformation, HANNOVER MESSE 2020 focuses on the opportunities presented by innovative technologies, steadily growing and ever more readily available amounts of data, and a growing awareness of climate protection.

How Hydrogen Fuel Cells are Transforming Industry

  • by Håkan Holmberg
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A fuel cell is a device that converts energy stored in molecules into electrical energy. Using hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) as power, the fuel cell produces water, electricity and heat without creating any emissions other than water vapour. This article explains the possibilities of hydrogen fuel cells.

Ponemon Institute report: Security professionals anticipate automation will reduce IT security headcount

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Overall, the majority of companies (77 percent) continue to use or plan to use automation in the next three years. The biggest takeaway in this year’s study is that the majority of respondents (51 percent) now believe that automation will decrease headcount in the IT security function, an increase from 30 percent in last year’s study.

IEC standards committee SC 48B publishes IEC 63171-6 standard for Single Pair Ethernet interfaces in industrial applications

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IEC 63171-6 is the international standard for Single Pair Ethernet interfaces in industrial applications. The editor is the IEC committee SC 48B copper connectors. The mating face standard IEC 63171-6 T1 Industrial Style was the first standard submitted by HARTING to SC 48B for a Single Pair Ethernet mating face as early as 2016.

Emerson partners with Belgian research group to enhance digital automation training

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The project further expands Emerson’s initiative to collaborate with higher education institutions and its commitment with both schools to build a globally competitive craft brewing and brewing industry in Flanders,

World Economic Forum 2020 - Fourth Industrial Revolution or Evolution?

  • by Bill Lydon
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By Bill Lydon, Contributing Editor
Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies are disrupting the manufacturing industry, and that disruption has risen to the highest levels: a topic for discussion at the 2020 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in late January

HANNOVER MESSE announces entries open for 2020 HERMES Award

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When judging entries for the award, the emphasis will be on the following criteria: degree of technological innovation, benefit for industry, environment and society, economic viability and readiness for implementation.