Products for Leak Detection and Repair

Spectronics introduces OPK-541 Industrial Leak Detection Kit

OPK-541 pinpoints the exact source of all leaks in hydraulic equipment, compressors, engines, gearboxes, fuel and other synthetic and petroleum-based fluid systems.

General Monitors adds hydrogen leak detection to TS4000H

  • General Monitors

TS4000H Intelligent Hydrogen Gas Detector accurately detects hydrogen at 0-500 ppm levels.

GE announces PRV Leak Detection System

  • GE Digital

PRV uses both temperature and acoustic measurements in a complementary fashion to find leaks in pressure relief valves.

Dwyer releases Series SLD Leak Detection Relay

  • Dwyer Instruments Inc.

Series SLD is used to monitor the shaft seal of a submersible pump to detect a leak before pump failure.