GE Fanuc enhances Proficy Maintenance Gateway 2.0 software

  • GE Digital

Enhancements include an automatic measurement point update module, write-back functions from the enterprise to the plant systems, and adapters to EAM applications, such as SAP and MAXIMO.

ICP DAS releases M-4132 remote maintenance device

  • ICP DAS USA, Inc.
  • ICP DAS USA, Inc.

It enables one user to operate and maintain distant electrical equipment, via Internet or Intranet networks.

Fluke announces IR cameras for maintenance inspections

  • Fluke Corporation

Ti Series thermal imagers are available in six camera models – the Ti20, Ti30, Ti40, Ti45, Ti50 and Ti55 – designed both for technicians with little or no thermography experience, and for predictive maintenance experts, process engineers and consultants who require the best thermal imagers.

Rockwell Automation Expands Predictive Maintenance Toolset With Cost-Effective Overall Machinery Protection

  • Rockwell Automation
  • Rockwell Automation

Addressing the increased pressure placed on manufacturers to improve overall asset utilization, Rockwell Automation has expanded its suite of predictive maintenance tools with a new addition to the Allen-Bradley XM series of intelligent, distributed I/O modules, the XM-160 series of Overall Machinery Protection Modules.