Products for Overall Equipment Effectiveness OEE

Inductive Automation introduces OEE Software Module

The software module performs OEE calculations, downtime tracking, asset utilization analysis, production scheduling and work order management.

Provideam enhances OEE Monitoring Solution

  • Provideam

Enhancements in Service Pack 3.6 include Manual Data Entry and Plan Adherence Reporting. The module enables users to monitor production performance versus a planned schedule.

Honeywell upgrades LETS factory reporting software for OEE

  • Honeywell Process Solutions

LETS Version 3.4 can more accurately track overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) in applications where production rate is dictated by machine configuration.

Production Process MES software has real-time OEE dashboard, e-mail alerts

  • Production Process

Enhancements include a real-time productivity dashboard showing machine status, production rates, cycle times and OEE calculations, plus e-mail alerts that are sent when performance targets aren't being met.