Products for Environmental Management

Honeywell announces Healthy Building Solutions

  • Honeywell Inc.

Honeywell's Healthy Buildings solutions are part of a comprehensive effort among Honeywell's businesses to come together to develop solutions that are helping important sectors of the global economy recover.

COPA-DATA introduces zenon 8.20 and zenon Analyzer 3.40


COPA-DATA has upgraded zenon's IoT functionality with zenon Service Grid, which comprises a system of modular software components, or microservices.

Emerson introduces v8.2 of DataManager software

  • Emerson Automation Solutions

DataManager Analysis Software for Rosemount Wireless Permasense corrosion and erosion monitoring systems offers continuous sensor monitoring that provides early detection of corrosion in HF acid alkylation units and mitigates the risk of loss of containment.

Connexa introduces line of pole mounted, solar power systems

  • Connexa

These pole mounted, solar power systems provide autonomous electrical power for telecommunications equipment, gate openers, security cameras and electronics, traffic devices, wireless radios, PLC/control panels, sensors, motors, and lights. 

Analytical Systems Keco introduces Fugitive Emission Control Unit

  • Analytical Systems International KECO

Through a catalytic combustion process, the Fugitive Emission Eliminator oxidizes the vented sample, converting hydrocarbons to CO2 and water vapor, while maintaining a stable outlet vent pressure to the atmosphere.

HM White announces series of energy sustainability services

HM White’s Energy Audits leverage over a decade of experience gained from energy conservation projects at multiple industrial plants nationwide.