Articles & News on Plant Facility Safety & Security

Rotork actuators enhance water flow for New York City fireboats

  • Case Study

The IQ part-turn actuators provided are used on two fireboats, ‘Firefighter 2’ and ‘Firefighter 343’. The actuators have the important duty of controlling the flow of water to the fire nozzles on deck, meaning that they are vital in the event of an emergency.

GE Digital announces free Remote Monitoring and Control licenses to iFIX and CIMPLICITY users

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The web-based solution gives plant operators and management teams real-time monitoring and control access to plant operations and performance over a secure-by-design connection such as VPN. This allows critical infrastructure to operate with a reduced crew on site, while being able to coordinate with their wider teams remotely.

Vector Solutions announces 60+ Facilities Maintenance Courses in 3D

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The Facility Management & Maintenance Library features 69 courses in 3D specifically designed to train facility managers, building engineers and maintenance technicians of commercial buildings.

Guiding the Industry: AGVs and the Smart Factory

  • by Jonathan Wilkins
  • Feature

This article discusses how automated guided vehicles have advanced from simple materials handlers to intelligent autonomous robots.

Local Learning: Gruhn to speak on safety, HMIs, more

  • by Renee Bassett
  • Feature

ISA past president Paul Gruhn, PE, CFSE, will be presenting at local meetings around the country during the first quarter of 2020. As a global functional safety consultant with aeSolutions, Gruhn has gained extensive experience consulting with sites around the world.

Using Technology to Improve Food Quality and Safety

  • by Mark Howard
  • Feature

By Mark Howard, EU Automation
To prevent the risks of foodborne illness and improve shelf life, food processors and manufacturers prioritize safety. This article shares three ways that technology is improving food quality.

Are Cobots Inherently Safe?

  • by Nigel Smith
  • Feature

As one of the fastest growing sectors of the robot market, a lack of knowledge could be dangerous. This article will work to quash some common misconceptions about collaborative robot safety.

The Perfect Analogy for Electrical Safety Principles

  • Feature

By Philip Allen, Grace Engineered Products Driving to work last week, deep in thought, pondering the many reasons companies use Permanent Electrical Safety Devices (PESDs) in their electrical safety programs I finally stumbled across a perfect analogy for electrical safety principles.

Improving Plant Safety with Industrial Automation

  • Feature

By Jonathan Wilkins, EU Automation With the introduction of driverless cars by brands such as BMW and Google, safety is being revolutionised through autonomy. But what can other industries learn from this? This article discusses how new technology and increased automation improves safety across sectors.

Methods of Protection in Hazardous (Explosion Risk) Locations: Containment, Segregation and Prevention (with Intrinsic Safety)

  • by Pepperl + Fuchs
  • News

In order to reduce the risk of explosion, elimination of one or more of the components of the ignition triangle is necessary. There are three basic methods of protection—explosion containmentsegregation and prevention.