Articles & News on Plant Facility Safety & Security

A Roadmap for a Safe and Productive Plant

  • by Nuris Ismail and Matthew Littlefield
  • Opinion

Safety has always been a critical measure of success for industrial organizations. Companies that are not able to comply with safety regulations and procedures in an effective fashion are putting their people, assets, and market position at risk. 

What Makes MV Indicators Suitable for Electrical Safety?

  • News

By Grace Engineered Products
Medium voltage indicators (2K-43KVolts) offer positive benefits because they keep workers away from voltage and provide an answer to the 'Is there voltage?' question.

Embrace Safety to Increase Profits - May is Electrical Safety Month

  • Feature

While some companies are slowly seeing the financial benefits of investing in safety, other companies view safety as an encumbering and expensive task.

Panel Mount Annunciator Proves Crucial to Plant Safety & Productivity

  • Feature

By Darren Barratt, Omniflex (UK) Limited
The purpose of an annunciator is to provide the plant operator with early warning of a problem, which allows time to take action before a situation degrades to the point where the process can no longer be controlled.

ISA submits electrical safety standard to ANSI

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ISA submitted ISA-12.12.01, "Nonincendive Electrical Equipment for Use in Class I and II, Division 2 and Class III, Divisions 1 and 2 Hazardous (Classified) Locations," for ANSI approval.

Cooper Bussmann announces electrical safety and compliance training material

  • News

Developed for contractors, industrials, OEMs, inspectors, and educators, the materials provide a training resource to help electrical industry workers comply with the latest NEC and industry standards; select and apply overcurrent protective devices; determine fault current levels; and analyze and improve electrical system performance and stability. Publications and e-training are available on line.

Leviton offers Electrical Safety Guide course

  • News

Designed for classroom based instruction, the one-hour presentation provides critical training for attendees on how to prevent serious electrical injuries. Particular emphasis is placed on teaching the dangers of arc flash and arc blast -- two highly destructive occurrences that can erupt with explosive force.

Safety Light Curtain Theory of Operation & Terminology

  • by Scientific Technologies
  • Feature

Safety light curtains are an advanced method of safeguarding personnel around many hazardous machines. Also called light screens, optical guards, and presence sensing devices, safety light curtains offer freedom, flexibility and reduced operator fatigue when compared with traditional guarding methods such as mechanical barriers, sliding gates and pull-back restraints. 

Monitoring Cooling Towers

  • by Hardy Instruments
  • News

This paper reviews practical approaches to having a dependable monitoring capability as well as provide signal sources for a periodic monitoring program.

The Advantages of Using Electronic Sensors in Off-road Vehicles

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Off-road vehicles are designed to perform arduous tasks in extreme outdoor conditions. In industries such as construction, agriculture and forestry, vehicles must navigate on uneven surfaces while lifting and moving heavy loads. For vehicle operators, the chances of tipping or rolling over are high, and safety is a concern.