Rockwell Automation Introduces the World’s First CIP Safety Over EtherNet/IP Safety Light Curtain

  • Rockwell Automation

CIP Safety over EtherNet/IP enables smart safety within a Connected Enterprise and provides rich data from the plant floor.

Ava Robotics Launches UV Disinfection Robot for the Workplace

A leader in creating intelligent robots for the workplace, Ava Robotics is now accepting pre-orders for its newly launched ultraviolet (UV) disinfection robot to manage COVID-19-related and other cleaning needs.

MSA's Next-Gen Chillgard 5000 Leak Monitor Now Detects Ammonia

  • MSA Safety

Engineers responsible for refrigeration or process cooling systems will find the new Chillard® 5000 Ammonia Leak Monitor from MSA offers them highly reliable toxic gas detection to protect people and equipment in the food/beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, electric power generation and other industries.

Ametek's Gemco Updates the Proven Semelex Safetimeter and Provides Enhanced Protection for Factory Personnel


A new case design provides increased protection for the proven Gemco 1999 Semelex Safetimeter.

SafetyTek Automatically Reports Each Worker’s Coronavirus Risk Level

Now with the free SafetyTek solution, workers can instantly confirm on their mobile phones whether they are cleared of COVID-19 risk, and managers receive automatic alerts on employees at potential risk—before they come to work.

Honeywell Introduces First Cloud-based Solution Providing End-to-end Connectivity & Visibility to Fire Safety Systems

  • Honeywell IAC

New Connected Life Safety Services gives customers remote connectivity and visibility to fire safety system – from any mobile device at anytime, anywhere.

Banner Engineering introduces Occupancy Monitoring System

  • Banner Engineering

The Occupancy Monitoring System allows businesses the capability to use the data to track peak traffic trends for better scheduling and purchasing metrics.

Banner Engineering introduces Safe Work Solutions

  • Banner Engineering

This solution provides detection of individuals and clear visual assurance of a safe environment for employees and patrons of businesses and retailers

Siemens introduces SIMATIC Real Time Locating Systems

  • Siemens

With Siemens’ SIMATIC Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS), companies can continuously measure distances between workers, provide real time visual feedback to employees regarding their spacing from others and create a log of all movements and interactions over time. In this way the Siemens’ SIMATIC RTLS continuously facilitates safe distancing.  

HEMCO introduces Safety Station

  • HEMCO Power & Control Systems Limited

It is ideal for laboratories where persons may be exposed to potentially hazardous chemicals. Sanitary white polypro construction means there is no wood or metal to rot or rust.