Products for Operations & Management

Siemens announces Predictive Services for Drive Systems based on MindSphere

  • Siemens

With the service portfolio including Mindsphere app, Siemens is focusing on the operative demands of machine users, who are looking for full transparency for spare parts and servicing.

SyTech announces release of XLReporter version 14.0

  • Sytech Systems

This release expands the capability of XLReporter for Web reporting, 21CFR Part 11 features and ISA18.2 Alarm Management.

Keysight Technologies announces PathWave Test 2020 software suite

Developed on the Keysight PathWave software platform, the PathWave Test 2020 software suite enables 5G, IoT and automotive engineers and managers to streamline test data processing and analysis to speed product introductions.

Nutanix partners with Hardis Group to release Vision Insights powered by Xi IoT solution for supply chain management

Vision Insights powered by Xi IoT is a supply chain optimization solution comprised of Hardis Group Vision Insights software running as a container on the Nutanix Xi IoT platform.

Micro-Epsilon introduces capaNCDT MD6-22 capacitive measuring device

  • Micro-Epsilon GmbH & Co. KG

The capaNCDT MD6-22 offers touchscreen operation. Furthermore, different features are preset in the factory such as automatic gap detection, for parallel alignment of the flat sensors for double-sided measurements.

SICK introduces EventCam industrial-grade 2D camera for error detection

  • SICK, Inc.

The EventCam is specifically designed for the detection and analysis of sporadic errors in industrial processes. It can be integrated into stationary and mobile applications, is network capable, and delivers single frames and video sequences in for error analyses.

Sciemetric Instrument releases Sciemetric EDGE industrial analytics platform

Sciemetric EDGE delivers a universal platform to control a variety of manufacturing and industrial processes. This distributed data analytics system works to remove barriers to continuous process monitoring.

Foghorn announces latest release of Lightning Edge AI edge computing platform

The Lightning edge computing platform brings intelligence to the edge, at or near the point where data originates, and facilitates analysis with the lowest latencies to improve operational outcomes.

Phoenix Contact announces PLCnext Technology

  • Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact’s PLCnext Technology gives developers a control platform that combines traditional IEC 61131 programming with open-source languages like Linux.

Radiflow and Asset Guardian announce joint solution for industrial asset monitoring and risk assessment

In this integrated solution, iSID’s asset inventory now incorporates the asset information stored in the Asset Guardian database, including the detailed asset information that is not available from traffic monitoring.