Products for Operations & Management

Horner Automation Group releases series of Micro OCS controllers

Designed for any simple application, the Micro OCS controllers can perform in multiple industries from water treatment, to food processing, to HVAC/Environmental control and many others.

Universal Robots' helps Vectis Automation power Vectis Cobot Welding Tool

The Vectis system comes with all hardware provided fully integrated onto a 3ft x 6ft mobile modular fixturing cart enabling metal fabricators to bring the cobot to the work, or the work to the cobot with no anchoring nor dedicated footprint required.

Honeywell collaborates with PaperTech to release TotalVision connected, camera-based detection system for flat sheet industries

  • Honeywell Process Solutions

This solution is designed for paper, pulp, tissue, board, extruded film, calendaring, lithium-ion battery, copper and aluminium foil producers.

Dematic announces availability of micro-fulfillment solution for online order fulfillment

  • Dematic Corp.

The software specifically enables customers to retain control of their data while providing integration with other inventory management, warehouse and ERP systems so that all stores, distribution centers and corporate offices are networked on the same platform.

Peak-Ryzex introduces Print Perform managed printing solution

Print Perform is a print management system that works to maximize the potential of customer’s printer fleet. This print management program will manage, service and supply customers’ print solution.

GE Digital announces enhanced versions of Predix Essentials, Asset Answers and Webspace 6.0 software

  • GE Digital

The enhancements are intended make it possible for companies to operate their plants, analyze industrial data and optimize their operations.

Phoenix Contact introduces video monitoring product portfolio

  • Phoenix Contact

The range includes IP camera networking components, power supplies, surge protection, connectors, patch panels, and cables — all designed for harsh environments.

AVEVA announces integrated engineering software portfolio

The integrated portfolio comprises three software solutions. AVEVA Unified Engineering integrates process design with front-end engineering and 3D based design. AVEVA Unified Project Execution works with procurement and construction processes for capital projects. AVEVA Enterprise Learning works toenable the skilling of operators and engineers using Extended Reality (XR) and simulation tools.

Opto 22 announces firmware update 1.4.1 for groov EPIC Edge Programmable Industrial Controller

  • Opto 22
  • OPTO 22

For secure remote access to the groov EPIC, the system offers VPN (virtual private network) client technology to connect to an OpenVPN-based VPN server. This option is intended to assist in creating secure data communication architectures, particularly with geographically dispersed systems.

Unity Scientific announces UCal 4 chemometric and database management software

UCal 4 Calibration Software helps derive value from NIR analytical programs with algorithms for custom NIR calibrations of almost any product including food, agricultural and industrial applications.