Products for Operations & Management

Abaco Systems announces DSP221 single board computer

The DSP221 is an extension of the legacy DSP220, by refreshing to the NXP T2081 quad core processor. The DSP221 delivers a solution toward achieving production lifetime.

AutomationDirect announces Seifert SoliTherm thermoelectric coolers

  • AutomationDirect

The Seifert Peltier thermoelectric cooling units can be mounted in nearly every position (except roof mounting) because they don't have a compressor or any moving parts aside from the fans.

ISA introduces on-demand course: Overview of ISA/IEC 62443 for product suppliers

  • ISA

The International Society of Automation (ISA) has introduced an online, on-demand course, to help users learn the value of the ISA/IEC 62443 series of standards, and how they apply to products and the security development lifecycle.

Bronkhorst introduces Bronkhorst FlowSuite app

  • Bronkhorst Usa Inc.

The user interface is adaptive and multi-lingual (English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese and South Korean). Bronkhorst FlowSuite is available from the Microsoft store.

Ivanti releases Ivanti Unified Endpoint Manager 2020.1

Supporting both Windows and Mac devices, Unified Endpoint Manager 2020.1 manages PCs, laptops, servers, tablets and smart phones on local networks as well as remotely, including devices without an installed management agent.

HARTING announces HAN S connector for battery storage modules

  • HARTING Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

The series meets the technical requirements set down in the latest standards for stationary energy storage systems (incl. UL 4128) and offers users reliability for connected units. The series features housings with space for a heavy-current contact up to 200 A. 

Software AG announces TrendMiner 2020.R1

TrendMiner enables production experts in the process manufacturing industries to analyze, monitor and predict operational performance with use of sensor-generated time-series data. Oftentimes, sensors cannot measure what is most crucial for a production process.

TRACO Power introduces TEA series of 1 Watt DC/DC converter models

  • TRACO Power North America, Inc.

The TEA line consists of three unregulated 1 Watt DC/DC converters offering 5V input (±10%) and 5 V @ 200mA outputs. The three distinct models are: TEA 1-0505 is a SIP-4 model with 1500 VDC I/O Isolation; TEA 1-05050E is a SIP-7 model with 1500 VDC I/O Isolation; and the TEA 1-0505HI is a SIP-7 model with 4000 VDC I/O Isolation.

Dinkle announces DPT DIN rail disconnect terminal blocks

  • Dinkle Corporation

Dinkle’s DPT DIN rail series terminal blocks provide access, DIN rail mounting with no tools required, and push-in design to ensure secure wiring connection while reducing time and tools required for termination.

Würth Elektronik announces WE-CLFS EMC Line Filters

All WE-CLFS filters have at least 65dB of peak attenuation, and come with UL and VDE certifications, which ensures safety requirements are already factored into the design. With 3 different types available: single stage, single-stage advanced, and two-stage, with options of with a rated current up to 20A.