Products for Operations & Management

Sterling Systems & Controls announces custom engineered automatic Micro Ingredient Material Weighing Systems

  • Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc.
  • Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc.
  • Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc.

These systems can typically include supply bins, feeders, work platforms, automatic or manual bin refilling, raw material bag lift handling equipment, dust collection/control, batched material conveying equipment (pneumatic and mechanical) or transport totes, lot tracking and traceability, barcode scanning, and RFID scanning

Lanner announces NCR-1510 fanless network appliance

  • Lanner Inc.

Powered by Intel Atom C3000 (codenamed Denverton) CPU, the NCR-1510 features performance and Intel’s QuickAssist Technology running at 10Gbps, offering cryptographic acceleration and industrial-grade LAN functions.

Microchip Technology introduces META-DX1 family of Ethernet Physical-Layer (PHY) devices

he META-DX1 MACsec engine secures traffic leaving the data center or enterprise premises, and FlexE enables both cloud and telecom service providers to meet capacity requirements while reducing fiber plant capital expenditures by optimally configuring links beyond today’s fixed-rate Ethernet so they can use optics.

Yamaha introduces LCM100 linear conveyor module

  • Yamaha Robotics

Each LCM100 module contains an independently controlled linear motor that enables bidirectional movement and programmable speed up to 3000mm/second. Production lines can be configured, not dependent on the longest process cycle time, and utilize inline equipment more efficiently to save space.

Emerson announces Radar Master app for the AMS Trex Device Communicator

  • Emerson Automation Solutions

The AMS Trex Device Communicator enables technicians to carry a handheld communicator that is capable of both configuring and powering radar devices via the Radar Master app.

CyberX announces Horizon Protocol Open Development Environment (ODE) to secure unmanaged IoT and ICS devices

The Horizon Protocol ODE enables customers and partners to develop, test, and deploy custom protocol dissectors for CyberX’s cybersecurity platform, without divulging proprietary information about how the protocols are designed or sharing network packet captures (PCAPs) that may contain sensitive information.

Softing announces version 1.20 of uaToolkit Embedded for OPC UA servers

  • Softing Inc.

Softing’s uaToolkit Embedded for implementing embedded OPC UA servers with client/server and publisher/subscriber communication, now includes a UADP Publisher with information model and a UADP Subscriber.

Forescout Technologies releases SilentDefense 4.0

Forescout’s SilentDefense 4.0 comes equipped with the Enterprise Command Center (ECC) and ICS Patrol. The ECC is a software solution and product that aggregates the information coming from multiple SilentDefense Command Centers in a single enterprise dashboard for monitoring global systems health, assets, vulnerabilities and threats

Indegy partners with Palo Alto Networks to introduce Indegy Industrial Cybersecurity Suite app on Cortex

The Indegy app on Cortex is built to work for Palo Alto Networks customers by providing cloud-based protection of ICS networks and connected devices from attacks that can impact operations and industrial processes.

Rockwell Automation introduces e-learning courses for worker training

  • Rockwell Automation
  • Rockwell Automation

The courses cover a range of topics to help engineers, technicians and IT personnel design, implement and maintain industrial control systems. Currently, 14 courses are available spanning six technology areas