Products for Operations & Management

WISER Systems Launches ATLAS: High Density, Enterprise-Wide Live Positioning Solution

The new WISER ATLAS provides revolutionary Wiser Locator precision and ease of use scaled to thousands of work orders/assets across millions of square feet.

Beamex and Siemens Enable Paperless Calibration Workflows

  • Beamex, Inc
  • Siemens

Thanks to close cooperation between Beamex and Siemens, customers using Siemens Lifecycle Management Suite (LMS) can now take advantage of integration with Beamex CMX Calibration Management Software.

Kindred Announces INDUCT AI-Powered Robotic Workcell Automating Parcel, Post, E-Commerce Induction to Fill Workforce Gaps

Kindred announced it will bring to market INDUCT, an AI-powered robotic system designed to automate the small parcel induction process.

MSA's Ammonia Leak Detection System For Process Refrigeration Protects People and the Environment

  • MSA Safety

The advanced Chillgard 5000 NH3 Monitoring System features a sophisticated design with photoacoustic infrared (PAIR) sensors that provide an easy-to-install, highly reliable and effective gas detection solution.

IMI Critical Engineering Launches Digital Service to Help Industrial Facilities Avoid Catastrophic Failures

Experts in the energy sector have devised a new solution to prevent cracks in plant equipment before they develop.

GE Digital Proficy Operations Hub Enables Collaboration and Continuous Improvement with Centralized and Remote Visualization

  • GE Digital

New portfolio-wide data flow editor saves time and increases visibility by automatically integrating and transforming data for IoT-fueled analysis and optimization.

Eplan Presents International Platform That Networks Users of CAE Software and Service Providers

  • EPLAN Software & Services

The new Eplan Marketplace is now live, providing companies around the world with fast access to service providers in the fields that Eplan covers.

Dassault Systèmes Introduces Life Cycle Assessment Solution on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Dassault Systèmes announced the launch of “Sustainable Innovation Intelligence,” its life cycle assessment solution that enables companies to minimize the environmental impacts of the products, materials and processes they create and help drive the circular economy.

ABB Introduces New Version of ABB Ability Performance Optimization for Hoists

  • ABB

The digital service ensures effective monitoring of hoists and their performance to boost customer uptime and productivity.

NORD’s Condition Monitoring Solution Focuses on Status-based Maintenance


NORD’s condition monitoring solution focuses on status-based maintenance to increase service life of components and machines, predict undesirable operating conditions, and reduce unplanned downtimes, service costs and material costs.