Products for Operations & Management

Fujitsu Component America releases FWM8BLZ07P and FWM8BLZ07Y mesh units and mesh-sensor units

  • Fujitsu Components America, Inc.

The devices are designed to aid construction of large-scale decentralized networks to allow IoT solutions for position tracking and sensor data collection.

Seifert Systems introduces SoliTherm SlimLine series of enclosure air conditioners

  • Seifert mtm Systems, Inc.

The SlimLine Series is UL listed and provides cooling capacities from 1,130 to 5,120 BTU/Hr. Operating temperature range is 50 to 122 or 131°F—depending on model.

Creform releases model CA-B50100-BST NSI AGV with kitting cart

  • Creform Corp.

The Creform AGV provides for a 50-course programming capability using HMI screen located at one end of the AGV. 

Pepperl+Fuchs announces Smart-Ex 02 smartphone with Google's Android Enterprise Recommendation

  • Pepperl + Fuchs GmbH

Designed for a temperature range of -20 °C to +60 °C, the Smart-Ex 02 can even be used in extreme conditions.

CARLO GAVAZZI announces WM15 Three Phase Power Analyzer

  • Carlo Gavazzi

The WM15 is a Class 1 (kWh) 3-phase power analyzer which can be used for single, two and three phase systems, as well as wild-leg systems. It can measure most relevant instantaneous electrical variables, energy consumption, and harmonic distortion.

InfraTec introduces digital VarioCAM HD series thermographic cameras for fever detection

The digital VarioCAM HD series thermographic cameras from InfraTec are based on thermally and geometrically high-resolution microbolometer FPA detectors with up to (1,024 × 768) IR pixels

Eaton creates touchless tool to protect healthcare professionals from Coronavirus

  • Eaton

Eaton’s four-inch touchless tool resembles a plastic wrench and is intended to help medical workers grab door handles, turn faucets and push buttons on phones and other devices without touching surfaces.

COPA-DATA introduces zenon 8.20 and zenon Analyzer 3.40


COPA-DATA has upgraded zenon's IoT functionality with zenon Service Grid, which comprises a system of modular software components, or microservices.

SICK introduces deTec4 safety light curtain

  • SICK, Inc.

In addition to the deTec4, the Minneapolis facility also produces zone control modules for roller conveyors, various photoelectric sensors, fiber optic sensor heads, encoders, and sensor brackets, reflectors, and other assorted accessories.

Creform announces creation of mobile heavy-duty flow rack

  • Creform Corp.

The rack is built using Creform 42 mm pipe and joints for extra capacity and rigidity. Also, the flow rack features wide Creform Placon roller conveyor for flow characteristics and strength, while the low-friction skate wheel conveyors allow for shallow flow lane angles that are suitable for both plastic returnable totes as well as cardboard boxes. The gravity flow rack assists in first-in, first out inventory management.