Products for Operations & Management

MHS launches MHS Helix software solution for e-commerce-driven warehouses

MHS Helix consists of template-based modules for equipment control, inventory management and order fulfillment functions, designed to work together in customized configurations according to each facility’s unique requirements.  

AutoGuide Mobile Robots announces Max-N15 autonomous mobile robot

Built on AutoGuide’s patent-pending modular design, the Max-N15 provides a common base that can be adapted for multiple manufacturing and warehouse material handling tasks with modular attachments to create lift trucks, tuggers or high bay pallet lift trucks.

Kindred releases SORT 3.7 piece-picking robot

The updated SORT 3.7 is optimized to integrate with continuous induction systems, such as cross belt or bombay sorters, as it can pick 400 units per hour consistently.

Connexa introduces line of pole mounted, solar power systems

  • Connexa

These pole mounted, solar power systems provide autonomous electrical power for telecommunications equipment, gate openers, security cameras and electronics, traffic devices, wireless radios, PLC/control panels, sensors, motors, and lights. 

Reliable Controls releases RC-Reporter 3.7 performance reporting software

  • Reliable Controls Corp.

RC-Reporter works to bring clarity to building performance analytics with readable, reliable, and rational reports, delivered automatically by email, or integrated directly into building control systems.

Phoenix Contact introduces EMpro energy monitoring device

  • Phoenix Contact

The EMpro tracks energy parameters such as voltage, current, and power at the machine or system level. It then communicates that data locally, or transmits it to cloud-based services, creating an IIoT energy-monitoring solution.

Acontis announces Type 1 Hypervisor virtualization platform

This solution is designed for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices, Edge Controllers, and high-end real-time hardware and workload consolidation.

AutomationDirect announces 20 AWG multi-conductor flexible control cable

  • AutomationDirect

Multi-conductor flexible control cable from AutomationDirect is now available in 20 AWG unshielded models with 3 to 25 conductors including ground. 

Honeywell announces launch of Honeywell Forge Energy Optimization

  • Honeywell Inc.

Honeywell Forge Energy Optimization is an autonomous building solution focused on decreasing energy consumption.

Phoenix Contact introduces 480 W UNO power supply

  • Phoenix Contact

At 59 mm wide, the 480 W UNO is intended to save space in the control cabinet. The 480 W UNO is UL Listed for use in Class I, Division 2 applications.