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20 Years of Leading Innovations in Open Network Technology with the CLPA

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November 2020 marks a significant milestone for the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA), as the organization will celebrate its 20th anniversary.

EcoStruxure Control Expert

  • by Michel Ausseil & Guillaume Martine
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For a simplified automation lifecycle.

ABB Automation Products GmbH Achieves Secure Product Development Certification

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The manufacturer of the AC500 PLC family has shown that its development processes meet the demands of IT-security.

Mobile Access to Production Data: Custom OPC UA Apps for FDT 3.0 Applications

  • by Dr. Vivek Hajarnavis
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Automation industry stakeholders can utilize a variety of third-party software developer toolkits and apply the power of the OPC Unified Architecture (UA) to create bespoke Apps leveraging all the data available in the FDT® 3.0 IIoT Server (FITS™) application.

FDT: Led by Industry Subject Matter Experts

  • by Lee Lane
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Sheer talent on-loan from our members drive FDT evolution.

New International Initiative to Define OPC UA Cloud Library

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OPC Foundation and CESMII initiated new joint working group joined by major industry players to enable manufacturers to speed up pre-built shopfloor and digitalization applications.

SPE Industrial Partner Network Quintuples Its Membership Before Its First Birthday

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With currently 37 members, the number of founding members in November 2019 has more than quintupled even before its first birthday. Clear tendency: More and more members are joining every week.

OPC Experts Interviews: Companion Specifications

  • by Michael Clark
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Learn from an interview with Karl Deiretsbacher of the OPC Foundation about Companion Specifications; the different types of Companion Specifications that exist; what Joint Working Groups are; and how the OPC Foundation guides the development and maintenance of Companion Specifications.

OPC Field Level Communications: A Controller-to-Controller Specification Within Reach

  • by Peter Lutz
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Essential for the convergence of IT and OT, FLC is also important for upgrading legacy systems.

FDT 3.0 Style Guide: Empowering a Standardized and Responsive Web User Interface

  • by Suriya Selvaraj
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Optimizing mobile and remote operations in the new era of automation.