Products for Standards

Beckhoff releases EL3783 EtherCAT Terminal for power monitoring

  • Beckhoff Automation

Three-phase AC voltage systems up to 690 V can be analyzed simultaneously on six channels and with 20 ksamples/s directly in the PLC. For each of the three phases, the EL3783 EtherCAT Terminal from Beckhoff samples voltages up to 400/690 Vrms and currents up to one or five Arms as instantaneous values with 16-bit resolution.

Integration Objects announces latest version of OPC .NET Client Toolkit product

  • Integration Objects

The OPC. NET Client Toolkit enables programming of OPC client software using .NET and without dealing with OPC and COM complexities. The resulted applications provide real-time data, historical data, alarms and events access.

ABB introduces safety CPU modules for AC500/AC500-S programmable logic controller (PLC)

  • ABB

The modules, when used with ABB’s AC500/AC500-S programmable logic controller (PLC), feature the ability to exchange process and safety data, not only from one controller to multiple devices but also from one device to multiple controllers, using PROFINET/PROFIsafeshared device functionality.

Servo2Go introduces 6 Advanced Motion Controls servo drives

  • Ltd.

This power range comes with a variety of network options including EtherCAT, CANopen, POWERLINK, Modbus and more.

Rockwell Automation introduces Allen-Bradley Bulletin 871FM inductive proximity sensors

  • Rockwell Automation
  • Rockwell Automation

Enabled with IO-Link technology, the Bulletin 871FM sensors deliver more comprehensive diagnostic and parameter data to the controller over EtherNet/IP from the IO-Link master module.

Beckhoff announces EL922x EtherCAT terminal series

  • Beckhoff Automation

With an extended range of settings and process data options, the 12 mm wide EL922x EtherCAT Terminals are designed to meet diverse requirements and enable transparent system monitoring.

Kepware releases KEPServerEX version 6.4 with MQTT driver

  • Kepware

The new MQTT Client driver is a key component of the KEPServerEX version 6.4 release. Inclusion of this driver enables users to collect data from sensor networks and other devices that utilize MQTT

Beckhoff announces EK1000 EtherCAT TSN Coupler

  • Beckhoff Automation

Through support of TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking) functions, the coupler is designed to minimize delays caused by switches in Ethernet networks and the range of EtherCAT I/O Terminals and other EtherCAT devices used in TSN network environments.

Weintek introduces cMT-G01 smart communication gateway

With a capacity to communicate with more than 300 brands of controllers and support Modbus TCP/IP, MQTT and OPC UA Client / Server, the cMT-G01 Gateway is designed to enable integration of distinct onsite devices and facilitate data transmission to the upstream monitoring or data management systems such as SCADA, ERP, etc.

Beckhoff introduces AMP8000 distributed servo drive system

  • Beckhoff Automation

The AMP8000 integrates a servo drive directly into a servomotor. By relocating the power electronics directly into the machine, a control cabinet needs to house a single coupling module in order to supply power to multiple servo drives with a single cable via the distribution module.