Products for Standards

Weintek introduces cMT-3072 and cMT3103 human machine interfaces

The cMT series model support multiple connectivity options, including MQTT and OPC UA, direct connection with data base, and more than 300 communication protocols.

Alicat announces EtherCAT option for Alicat mass flow and pressure instruments

  • Alicat Scientific

EtherCAT joins Alicat’s offering of industrial automation protocol options, which also includes Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus-RTU, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet and PROFIBUS communication options to fit new or existing systems.

Technosoft introduces iPOS2401 servo drive with EtherCAT interface


Measuring 19 x 50 x 10 mm, and weighing 12 g, the iPOS2401 MX-CAT drive can be used in high precision positioning applications with any motor technology (brushless, stepper, DC/voice coil or linear) that requires no more than 1 A continuous at 24 V.

HMS Industrial Solutions announces OPC UA and MQTT support for Anybus CompactCom line

  • HMS Industrial Networks Inc

The support for OPC UA and MQTT in CompactCom facilitates communication with IT-systems and IIoT applications, offering data straight from a device or machine.

Rockwell Automation announces enhancements for PlantPAx distributed control system

  • Rockwell Automation
  • Rockwell Automation

The next PlantPAx DCS release is designed to help users reduce unplanned downtime and improve system availability. This includes support for Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP), an industry standard for redundant Ethernet, enabling more secure controller and I/O communications.

Pepperl+Fuchs releases series of integrated Ethernet IO modules

  • Pepperl+Fuchs

The Ethernet IO modules from Pepperl+Fuchs support all common Ethernet protocols, such as PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, and EtherCAT, in a single device.

AutomationDirect releases Productivity1000 stackable micro PLC

  • AutomationDirect
  • AutomationDirect

Processes in the programming environment are designed to reduce development time; these processes include combined ladder logic and function block-style programming, task management that minimizes scan time, advanced instructions that simplify complex tasks, and a HELP file that covers both hardware and software topics.

Turck releases TBEN-L-RFID interface module with PLC capabilities

  • TURCK Inc.

This module’s controller function can filter and pre-process RFID data and link to broader control operations, enabling dynamic or multi-tag RFID applications.

Opto 22 announces new version of groov edge appliance with MQTT and OPC-UA drivers

  • Opto 22
  • OPTO 22

Added to the groov View software for web and mobile visualization, and the open-source Node-RED development environment, the new release offers engineers, technicians, and developers a comprehensive set of tools for edge deployment in industrial environments.

Kepware announces release of KEPServerEX version 6.3

  • Kepware

Included in the 6.3 release is the Keyence KV Ethernet driver, which enables KEYENCE PLC users to connect KV series PLCs to diverse devices and software applications, including OPC clients and IoT solutions.