Products for Standards

Balluff introduces 4-port IO-Link masters

With their IP67 housing, these industrial Ethernet based IO-Link masters can be mounted directly on the machine closer to the sensors and actuators. EtherNet/IP, PROFINET and EtherCAT version of the masters are available.

HMS Industrial Networks releases EtherNet/IP to Modbus-TCP linking device

  • HMS Industrial Networks Inc

The EtherNet/IP to Modbus-TCP Linking Device allows users to connect devices on Modbus-TCP to a Rockwell ControlLogix or CompactLogix PLC.

Tibbo announces the OPC server release

  • Tibbo Technology Inc.

The main point of OPC protocol is simple – it is a cross-functional fixed interface to communicate between data sources in the manufacturing industry.

Siemens announces Simotion Version 4.5

  • Siemens

Version 4.5 has equipped Simotion with object-oriented programming (OOP) and communication via OPC UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture).

Endress+Hauser announces EtherNet/IP capability for RSG45 data manager

  • Endress+Hauser, Inc.

The RSG45, a data acquisition system for small process control applications, now provides a way to integrate legacy 4-20mA, RTD, thermocouple and HART-based instruments into a modern control system.

B-Scada introduces Citiworx platform for smart cities

  • B-Scada Inc.

CitiWorx is comprised of a cloud based solution for monitoring vast numbers of assets in real time, including equipment, signs, sensors and key performance indicators (KPI).

Emerson introduces AMS ARES asset health monitoring platform

  • Emerson Automation Solutions

AMS ARES Platform is designed to prioritize and deliver asset and device health data, enabling maintenance decisions that increase operational and asset availability.

Beckhoff introduces EL72x1-9014 EtherCAT servo terminal

  • Beckhoff Automation

EL72x1-9014 promotes motion solutions via servo drive technology with built-in safety functionality and One Cable Technology, which combines power and feedback signals to servomotors into one standard cable

Opto 22 announces addition of Node-RED to groov IIoT application

  • Opto 22
  • OPTO 22

groov is a toolset for IIoT developers designed to fuse together an industrial hardware platform, data visualization for mobile and web clients, industrial automation protocol support including Modbus/TCP and OPC UA, and advanced data flow processing.

Exor introduces Ethernet/IP Marquee display

  • Ltd.

The Ethernet IP Marquee is a marquee sign that connects and communicates on the Rockwell Ethernet/IP network. The Ethernet IP Marquee has a built-in WEB server, eliminating the need to install software to program the sign.