Products for Standards

Mentor Graphics announces EtherCAT protocol support for Nucleus RTOS

Designed to meet the rigorous timing requirements for industrial automation, the reference solution delivers EtherCAT cycle times of 100 microsecond cycles (10,000 frames per second) with a low jitter rate for precise device synchronization.

IVC introduces FV-3543-2 radiometric thermal camera

  • Industrial Video & Control

The FV-3543-2 continuously captures temperatures and thermal images in up to six user-defined zones. The camera is ideal for a range of industrial applications including metals manufacturing, food processing, engine testing, and flare stack monitoring.

Wibu-Systems introduces the OPC UA Security Extension

  • Wibu-Systems USA

One of the main benefits in terms of security is the ability to store the private encryption keys for creating OPC UA security profiles no longer in a file, but rather in the smart card embedded in any of CodeMeter’s hardware secure element (CmDongles).

Turck announces RS-107/108 & RM-105/106 Ethernet/IP encoders

  • TURCK Inc.

The EtherNet/IP encoders are available in both singleturn (RS-107/108) and multiturn (RM-105/106) variants and come with a diameter of 58 mm, offer a total resolution of up to 32 bits (16 for singleturn, 16 for multiturn), and have been designed specifically for high-speed applications

Dynapar introduces AI25 EtherCAT encoder

  • Encoder Technology(Dynapar)

The AI25 EtherCAT Encoder offers cycle times of 62.5 μs and 22 bit single turn resolution with absolute accuracy of ±35” making the encoder ideal for applications requiring accurate real time speed and position data such as robotics, packaging and high end motion control.

Delphin introduces Expert Logger type 400 with OPC UA interface

The type 400 is equipped with 16 universally usable, differential analog inputs for measuring mV and mA signals or any type of thermocouple.

Aventics introduces Smart Pneumatics Monitor for valve electronics

The Aventics electronic module evaluates the data locally and uses it to generate information about the status of the system. Via drag & drop on a graphical interface, users define the components of the pneumatics system they want to evaluate.

Hilscher announces netIOT family of connectivity products

  • Hilscher

Hilscher’s netIOT family of connectivity products has been “OPC UA enabled” as a strategically vital way of supporting IIoT services and applications, allowing users to move towards digital manufacturing benefits such as predictive maintenance, data analytics, and better resource utilization.

Exele announces TopView for OPC Alarms & Events alarm notification software

  • Exele Information Systems, Inc.

TopView for OPCA&E allows users to monitor, filter, display, log, report, analyze, and send notification (Email, SMS, Voice callout/VOIP, Text-to-speech, …) for events generated from one or more OPC Alarms and Events Servers.

Bedrock Automation introduces SPS.500 power supply

  • Bedrock Automation

This power supply provides cyber security authentication and onboard intelligence for diagnostics and secure Ethernet communications. Users of aPLC, SCADA RTU, PAC or DCS can retrofit to the SPS.500 inside or outside enclosures, in a plant and in harsh environments.