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ODVA's CIP Security Enhanced to Support Resource-Constrained Ethernet/IP Devices

 ODVA is pleased to announce that CIP Security, the cybersecurity network extension for EtherNet/IP, has added support for resource-constrained EtherNet/IP devices. CIP Security can now provide device authentication, a broad trust domain, device identity via Pre-Shared Keys (PSKs), device integrity, and data confidentiality for resource-constrained devices such as contactors and push-buttons.

ODVA's Ethernet/IP Network Extended to In-cabinet Resource-constrained Devices

ODVA announced today that The EtherNet/IP Specification has been enhanced to allow vendors to bring the network to resource-constrained devices in-cabinet, including push buttons and contactors. Cost, size, and power restrictions have historically limited the usage of EtherNet/IP at the edge, where many nodes are still hardwired.

Acromag’s New Ethernet Remote I/O Modules Support I/O Expansion of Up to 64 Channels with a Mix of Signal Types

  • Acromag

Ethernet modules interface 16 analog or discrete I/O channels and feature an I/O expansion bus linking up to three additional I/O modules.

Rockwell Automation Prepares Plant Networks for Future Demands with New Managed Switch

  • Rockwell Automation

Companies can prepare their production facilities for more demanding, data-intensive networking with the new high-performance, all-gigabit Allen-Bradley Stratix 5800 managed industrial Ethernet switch.

Teknic Launches ClearLink, an EtherNet-IP Motion and I/O Controller

Teknic recently launched ClearLink, a Motion and I/O Controller offering users of EtherNet/IP compatible PLCs, such as CompactLogix™, MicroLogix™, and ControlLogix®, a new way to save space, money, and wiring in their automated machinery.

Dunkermotoren Presents EtherCAT with Distributed Clocks

The complete BLDC motor series dPro from Dunkermotoren is now also available with EtherCAT interface.

Port Presents SPI Driver and SPI Driver Development for Renesas Electronics R-IN32M3 Industrial Ethernet Module

The Renesas R-IN32M3 (RY9012A0) industrial Ethernet module is a "ready to use" RJ45 module PROFINET - EtherNetIP - EtherCAT solution, which offers a simple interface via SPI to the host controller.

Softing's dataFEED OPC Suite Extended Increases Possibilities of Data Integration

  • Softing Inc.

The new version V5.10 of Softing's dataFEED OPC Suite Extended offers MQTT subscriber functionality and extensive options for data preprocessing.

Antaira Releases New Compact 6-Port Managed 802.3bt PoE & Non-PoE Industrial Ethernet Switches

  • Antaira Technologies, LLC - formerly Aaxeon Technologies

Antaira Technologies is a global leading developer and manufacturer of industrial networking devices and communication solutions for harsh environment applications and is proud to announce the expansion of its 802.3bt industrial PoE switch family with the introduction of the LMP-C602G-SFP-bt(-T)-V2 and LMX-C602G-SFP(-T)-V2 series.

ACS Introduces IDMsm Intelligent Drive Module High-Performance Multi-Axis EtherCat DS402 Drive for OEM Machine Builders

  • ACS

ACS launches the first in a new line of high-performance Intelligent Drive Module products.