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HMS Networks announces integration with Canary Labs' Canary Enterprise Historian

  • HMS Industrial Networks Inc

The Flexy gateway pulls data from any supported PLC from ABB, Rockwell, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omron, Eaton and others. Canary’s Enterprise Historian is configured to pull PLC data from Flexy’s embedded OPC-UA server, and data flows automatically from Flexy directly to the Canary Historian.

Horner Automation Group releases series of Micro OCS controllers

Designed for any simple application, the Micro OCS controllers can perform in multiple industries from water treatment, to food processing, to HVAC/Environmental control and many others.

Micro-Epsilon introduces IF2030/PNET interface module

  • Micro-Epsilon GmbH & Co. KG

Micro-Epsilon designed the IF2030/PNET interface module as a link to PROFINET controllers. Terminals enable sensors from Micro-Epsilon to be connected to this module via RS422/RS485 interfaces.

Opto 22 announces firmware update 1.4.1 for groov EPIC Edge Programmable Industrial Controller

  • Opto 22
  • OPTO 22

For secure remote access to the groov EPIC, the system offers VPN (virtual private network) client technology to connect to an OpenVPN-based VPN server. This option is intended to assist in creating secure data communication architectures, particularly with geographically dispersed systems.

HEIDENHAIN announces ETEL-brand AccurET controls with EtherCAT compatibility

  • Heidenhain Corp.

With an EtherCAT compatibility option, customers can utilize the controller without changing their whole existing communication architecture and machine software.

Balluff introduces EtherNet/IP IO-Link master block

Balluff's EtherNet/IP IO-Link master block insulates against inductive, conductive, and capacitive noise produced by electromagnetic interference (EMI) and its housing protects against welding environments.

Interested in How the FITSTM Platform Adds Value to Your Business Strategy?

  • FDT Group

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Bring IIoT to PACTware

  • FDT Group

New OPC UA plug-in empowers PACTware users with IIoT solutions

Configure and Diagnose Information Remotely

  • FDT Group

Get more from your HART devices with our NEW I/O DTMs

Applied Motion Products announces ODVA conformance for range of servo drives, stepper drives and integrated motors

ODVA conformant servo drives, stepper drives, and integrated motors perform their specific positioning, velocity and other motion control tasks while simultaneously exchanging control, I/O and diagnostic data with controllers on the EtherNet/IP network.