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  • January 10, 2022
InTech Magazine
InTech Magazine

InTech Magazine – Print & Digital

As the official magazine of the International Society of Automation (ISA), InTech is setting the standard for automation by delivering high-value news and technical content to ISA members and customers.

The InTech brand has evolved with its audience and now encompasses a range of print and digital titles distributed to more than 50,000 core subscribers. This digital expansion—and the variety of frequencies and formats—means InTech brand publications meet readers where they are, whether at work, at home, or online through their phones or desktops. It also means advertisers get high-quality environments and engaged audiences for their advertising and contributed content.

New Value-add for 2022! 
Receive Digital Edition leads with your InTech magazine ad!

  • All full-page print advertisers will receive leads from the digital issue downloads, for no additional cost
  • The PDF format supports links within display advertising and contributed articles for driving traffic to websites
  • Each digital version of the print publication is distributed to’s global list of 132,000 subscribers

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