Endress+Hauser introduces Micropilot FWR30 radar level sensor

  • April 21, 2020
  • Endress & Hauser
Endress+Hauser introduces Micropilot FWR30 radar level sensor
Endress+Hauser introduces Micropilot FWR30 radar level sensor

April 21, 2020 – Endress+Hauser launched the Micropilot FWR30, its first cloud-connected radar, to provide full transparency in the storage and transport of liquids. As a 80 GHz wireless IIoT sensor, it combines technology and digital services in one device. The instrument’s continuously recorded measurement data can be accessed at any time, from anywhere due to the device's cloud connection, with communication  made possible by an integrated SIM card.

Installation can be done in less than three minutes. An integrated battery allows operation without an external power supply, for measuring points that are difficult to access. This device is a fit for stackable tanks and enables a plug-and-play solution for flexible installation.

In addition to the measured level, users receive information on the location of their storage tanks and containers via the cellular communication system. The instrument provides facts where previously only assumptions were possible, helping users optimize logistic and storage processes, providing continuous access to inventory information.

The Micropilot FWR30 can be used for level measurement and inventory management of mobile and stationary plastic tanks. In addition, the tracking of mobile storage tanks is also possible. The free radiating measuring device covers measuring ranges up to 50 feet and temperatures between -4°F and +140°F. Because it uses non-contact measurement, the Micropilot FWR30 can be used in all liquid media. It is resistant to corrosion, abrasion, viscosity or toxicity and can be used in a variety of industries.

Depending on individual requirements, users can choose from a broad portfolio of services, that include Netilion Value and SupplyCare Hosting. All digital software applications can be used on various end devices such as desktop, tablet or smartphone, and comply with security and data protection requirements.

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