SICK introduces deTec4 safety light curtain

  • April 15, 2020
  • SICK, Inc.
SICK introduces deTec4 safety light curtain
SICK introduces deTec4 safety light curtain

April 15, 2020 – As a sensor supplier for manufacturers throughout the United States, SICK has local United States production capabilities to keep the supply chain moving. SICK produces materials in a close-to-the-market fashion, with a regional focus. The production facility in Minneapolis, Minn. is one of the main production sites for a variety of SICK products, which now includes the flagship light curtain line, deTec4.

In addition to the deTec4, the Minneapolis facility also produces zone control modules for roller conveyors, various photoelectric sensors, fiber optic sensor heads, encoders, and sensor brackets, reflectors, and other assorted accessories.

Along with the production of SICK products, US production facilities also have the capabilities to create customizations for individual customers. This means SICK can customize products created in the United States and also make local alterations to any products made worldwide.

With a growing need for greater flexibility in the supply chain, SICK’s local production capabilities enable us to react more nimbly to our customer’s needs and have the inventory needed to meet demands. In the near future, the Minneapolis production facility will also be expanding to accommodate this greater need for local production.

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