EPLAN eManage Allows Users to Easily Upload, Share and Manage Projects in the Cloud

  • April 08, 2021
  • EPLAN Software & Services
EPLAN eManage Allows Users to Easily Upload, Share and Manage Projects in the Cloud
EPLAN eManage Allows Users to Easily Upload, Share and Manage Projects in the Cloud

The digital transformation of engineering continues to advance. As part of its cloud services, EPLAN is presenting a new service for cross-project collaboration–EPLAN eManage–which lets users upload EPLAN Platform projects into the cloud environment to share and work on them there. The free version was launched mid-March–and an expanded, paid version will follow in August 2021.

Innovative cloud services and the systems of the EPLAN Platform are now become increasingly integrated. As a first step, the new software solution EPLAN eManage Free was launched in mid-March. This free, cloud-based software enables the easy uploading of projects from the EPLAN Platform and web browsers into the secure ePulse cloud environment. A paid version of the software will be released in August and will offer expanded functionality.

Cross-project collaboration

EPLAN eManage makes it easy to upload, manage and share projects in the cloud. Since today's ecosystem of industrial automation is characterized by many media discontinuities when processing and transferring documentation, the advantages of this system are clear: the EPLAN Platform systems in connection with this new cloud service will network control cabinet manufacturers and panel builders, OEMs and system integrators as well as machine and plant system operators. They all work together in a central project that can be synchronized on the EPLAN Platform via eManage in roundtrip engineering. Clear access rights and role assignments ensure data security and provide flexibility for project access. Users of EPLAN Electric P8 and EPLAN Pro Panel are already benefitting from these integrated processes whereby they can easily upload their projects into the cloud and transfer them back to the EPLAN Platform for further processing.

Direct data transfer to EPLAN eView

Users only need one click to publish their project data directly in EPLAN eView. This allows defined stakeholders the opportunity to look and comment on entire projects. It further enables cross-company review processes to be digitally implemented. And thanks to this clear, central availability in the cloud, eManage supports project participants in quickly searching for specific content.

Synchronised and current data

EPLAN eManage means that the EPLAN Project is synchronized for all project participants and stakeholders. Changes in the project are visible to all participants and the project documentation is always current - across the entire project life cycle and even into operations and service scenarios.

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