HighByte Rolls Out Support for Complex Data and Cloud-to-edge Integrations

  • April 07, 2021
  • HighByte
HighByte Rolls Out Support for Complex Data and Cloud-to-edge Integrations
HighByte Rolls Out Support for Complex Data and Cloud-to-edge Integrations

April 7, 2021 - HighByte®, an industrial software company, today announced the release of HighByte Intelligence Hub version 1.4. HighByte Intelligence Hub is an Industrial DataOps solution enabling manufacturers to streamline their data architecture and reduce time to deploy new systems. The software supports open standards and provides Operations Technology (OT) teams with the flexibility to merge, prepare, and deliver industrial information to and from IT systems without writing code. With its latest release, HighByte Intelligence Hub now supports complex, multi-value sets of data, a broader range of disparate data sources, flow consolidation, and additional security features.

"HighByte Intelligence Hub enables me to easily model data—adding context, segmenting, and publishing data to the unified namespace," said Tim Burris, a software architect at Ectobox. Ectobox is an industrial intelligence solutions company specializing in data-driven manufacturing, ISA-95, and software consulting and development for their clients. "The time HighByte Intelligence Hub has saved me is incredible. I'm using the flow capabilities, updated SQL connecter, and REST input to reduce custom code and deliver a maintainable integration solution to our clients. It's a game changer."

HighByte works with a network of system integrators and international distributors to take HighByte Intelligence Hub to market, serving customers in a wide variety of vertical markets including biotechnology, packaging, industrial products, and academic labs. "This release focused on meeting the needs of our customers and partners with a more sophisticated solution that can handle complex data," said HighByte CEO Tony Paine. "HighByte Intelligence Hub is ready to support Edge-to-Cloud and Cloud-to-Edge use cases."

HighByte Intelligence Hub is an Industrial DataOps application designed for scale. The latest release includes support for complex data sets that can be processed through HighByte Intelligence Hub's modeling engine, transforming and contextualizing information at high volumes. The release also includes new codeless connections for CSV files and JDBC drivers, significant improvements to existing SQL, MQTT, and OPC UA connectors, multiple flow inputs and outputs, array handling, and REST templates. Security enhancements include secure connections over MQTT with SSL encryption as well as payload encryption and usernames and passwords for OPC UA connections.

To learn more about the release and see a live demonstration of the software, please register for the "Unified Namespace and Cloud-to-Edge: New Use Cases for Industrial DataOps" webinar on April 14, 2021 at 11AM ET.

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