Performance Motion Devices Launches Revolutionary New Ultra-Compact Motion Controller

  • April 14, 2021
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Performance Motion Devices Launches Revolutionary New Ultra-Compact Motion Controller
Performance Motion Devices Launches Revolutionary New Ultra-Compact Motion Controller

April 6, 2021 - Performance Motion Devices, Inc. (PMD), a leading provider of motion control ICs, modules, and boards, announced today the availability of ION/CME N-Series Digital Drives, new members of the ION Digital Drive family that provide high-performance motion control, network connectivity and amplification. N-Series ION digital drives feature a patented, ultra-rugged PCB-mountable package with three power output levels – 75, 300, and 1,000 watts. All ION/CME N-Series Digital Drives support Brushless DC, DC Brush, and step motors.

ION/CME N-Series Digital Drives provide profile generation, servo compensation, stall detection, field oriented control (FOC), electronic camming, and many other motion control functions. Additional features include support for Ethernet, CAN, serial, and SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) communications, and support for quadrature, sin/cos, and BiSS-C encoder formats.

Figure: Compact, All-in-one PCB-mountable intelligent drives

Benefits of ION/CME N-Series Digital Drives

  • Revolutionary Reduction in Development Time – To create a complete ready-to-go control solution, engineers only have to select their desired motor type and power level, and install on a simple interconnect board with their choice of connectors and form factor.

  • Flexible Connection Options – ION N-Series ION Digital Drives are easy to plug in and connect, supporting a range of communication interfaces including CAN, Ethernet, RS232, RS485, and SPI.

  • Small Package, Big Power – Despite their small size, measuring only 1.48”x1.48”x.66” (38 mm x 38 mm x 17 mm), N-Series ION Drives can drive Brushless DC, DC Brush, and step motors with up to a Kilowatt of continuous power output.

  • Fully Programmable – At the core of every ION/CME N-Series Digital Drive is PMD's powerful motion control language called C-Motion. This award-winning language gives engineers the ability to write code and share across all their machine designs.

"Beyond their impressive technical features, the N-Series ION drives have a revolutionary all-in one design approach that allows the creation of fully custom multi-axis motion control boards in weeks, rather than months or even years,” stated Chuck Lewin, CEO of Performance Motion Devices, Inc.

ION/CME N-Series Digital Drives are available immediately.

To learn more at the MD&M BIOMEDigital Virtual Event, please register to attend our 30-minute Tech Talk, Next Generation Motor Drives Power High-performance Portable Medical Application Designs, which will be held on April 7 at 10:30 a.m.

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