Rotec Launches New Electronic Unit for Speed Measurements with Laser Sensors

  • April 12, 2021
  • ROTEC Automation (Pvt) Lt,
Rotec Launches New Electronic Unit for Speed Measurements with Laser Sensors
Rotec Launches New Electronic Unit for Speed Measurements with Laser Sensors

March 30 2021 - With Laser Tachometer 3, Rotec is launching a new electronic unit for speed measurements with laser sensors. It provides a variety of features such as the possibility of automatic storage of electrical operating parameters. It also supports an increased maximum line frequency for high-speed measurements and ensures great resistance to temperature fluctuations. The meaningful and user-friendly multicolor status display intelligently guides users through their measurements. Two demountable vibration dampers are suitable for individual mounting. 

With new Laser Tachometer 3 Rotec replaces the existing generation of the Laser Tachometer 2. The laser tachometer is used for speed measurements together with the Rotec laser sensors, which scan a stitch disk or a reticle using the reflex method. 

With Laser Tachometer 3, the handling of optical speed measurement technology has been further optimized for the user. This allows measurement tasks to be carried out under difficult operating conditions, the optimum electrical operating parameters is stored automatically by the laser electronics. As a result the user does not have to enter the test cabin for storing. If the user prefers manual storing of the operating parameters, he can deactivate this function. 

With the new laser electronics, the user can perform measurements at higher speeds while maintaining a high resolution and number of lines. Furthermore, Laser Tachometer 3 guarantees a high temperature stability, so that measurements can be realized at fluctuating ambient temperatures. 

With the multicolor display, the user can see the status of the electronics from a distance. This provides him with meaningful information about the operating status and signal quality. 

The housing of the Laser Tachometer 3 comes with two removable vibration dampers. This allows the user to mount it individually on the test setup using the available screw connection option. 

In addition, users can choose between optimized Rotec zebra discs and bands in different designs. 

On request, customers can also receive comprehensive instructions on the application of Rotec laser measurement technology for automatic butt joint correction when using line tapes.

Laser Tachometer 3 will be available from mid-May 2021.

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