NOVAKON Launches A Smart Protocol Conversion Solution

  • April 25, 2022
NOVAKON Launches A Smart Protocol Conversion Solution
NOVAKON Launches A Smart Protocol Conversion Solution

April 25, 2022 - NOVAKON Co., Ltd. has launched the protocol conversion gateway, the perfect solution to help the challenging work for legacy equipment upgrade, data acquisition and protocol conversion across all industries.

Built with ARM Cortex A8 (1GHz) microprocessor, GW-01 is a compact DIN-Rail gateway offering both 512MB SDRAM/4GB eMMC or 1GB SDRAM/8GB eMMC as optional configurations. Dual ethernet ports and COM ports (DB9 x 1 for RS-232 x 1; RS-422/485 x 1) make it flexible for various device connectivity. System is designed with full power and communication port isolation, PCB conformal coating that provides extra protection against humidity, dust and corrosion. Its wide temperature design for operation between -20°C~70°C, offering high reliability and endurance under harsh environment. 
iM-Connect is a web-based and simple-to-use programming software developed by NOVAKON Co., Ltd., that supports a variety of industrial communication protocols, PLC drivers, and IIOT cloud connections as a simple but reliable protocol conversion and data acquisition platform for the "Connected" industries. Learn more & have a trial with online simulator.
Whether it is for factory automation, agriculture technology, building automation, energy management, etc…Novakon protocol conversion gateway is the perfect solution that connects disparate equipment across multi-vendor environments to extend equipment lifespan seamlessly. Learn more about our success stories.


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