AutomationDirect Unveils 3D CAD Files for Product Design

  • August 17, 2020
  • AutomationDirect
AutomationDirect Unveils 3D CAD Files for Product Design
AutomationDirect Unveils 3D CAD Files for Product Design

Aug. 18, 2020 - AutomationDirect now offers native CAD files downloadable directly from their Web store to assist system designers in developing or updating their designs. Available in over 60 formats, the CAD files save designers time, provide more accurate vendor specifications from vendors, and allow better assessment of product fit within a design.

At the product item level on the Store, visitors can use the new 3D viewer to see and rotate the product in any direction. Downloadable native CAD file formats include Pro-E, Inventor and SOLIDWORKS; several generic 3D formats, such as STL, Parasolid and STEP are also available, as well as many 2D options. These formats allow a user to create project documentation and help with BOM generation.

“At AutomationDirect, we believe in helping our current and future customers make the best
decisions they can with as much information as we can provide, and it’s free,” said Jamie Hipple, Team Lead/Creative Director of the Focused Image Team at AutomationDirect. “Before, during and after purchase, users can download CAD, manuals, technical specifications and even complete catalogs in order to make an informed decision.”

All the information needed to make product design decisions is included in the new 3D CAD native files. They also include basic product and purchasing information in the model metadata to make it easy for a user to purchase the part directly from within their design system if needed.

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