OES Provides Elevator Stages That Feature .03 Micron Resolution

  • August 15, 2022
  • Optimal Engineering Systems (OES)
OES Provides Elevator Stages That Feature .03 Micron Resolution
OES Provides Elevator Stages That Feature .03 Micron Resolution

Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc. (OES) has released two new motorized elevator stages, the DAG20-120-01 and the DAG20-120-04. These high resolution, compact, low profile elevator stages feature high stability 120 mm x 120 mm tables and 20 mm of vertical travel.  High precision ball bearing profile rails assure very high parallelism and smooth motion throughout the raising and lowering of the table.  These Z-Axis Stages are ideal for: Microscopy, inspection, metrology, positioning, photonics, sampling and laser drilling and machining. 
Driven by Two-Phase Stepper Motors, the DAG20-120-01 and the DAG20-120-04 Motorized Elevator Stages feature 2 micron positioning accuracy, and resolutions of 0.03 microns (with a 10 Micro-steps per step motor driver in use).  The knob for manual adjustment on the DAG20-120-01 (shown) is replaced with a Quadrature Incremental Optical Encoder for position verification on the DAG20-120-04. The load capacity of these compact stages is 20 kg.
These compact, black anodized aluminum alloy stages measure 181.8 mm x 120 mm x 115 mm high at the raised position.  Speed of travel is 5 mm per second and limit switches prevent over travelling. The table of each stage has a precise pattern of threaded holes for fixtures or tooling, and holes in the base allow for easy integration into a new or existing application. 
These stages require a Motion Controller that can be ordered as a complete plug-and-play system with RS-232, USB, joystick, trackball, and keypad control.

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