Vögtlin Instruments Offers 'Red-y Smart Series' to Help Produce Pharmaceutical Bottles

  • August 05, 2022
Vögtlin Instruments Offers 'Red-y Smart Series' to Help Produce Pharmaceutical Bottles
Vögtlin Instruments Offers 'Red-y Smart Series' to Help Produce Pharmaceutical Bottles

In the production of small pharmaceutical bottles, vials and capsules made of glass, there are tight specifications and highquality requirements. Vögtlin's high-precision thermal mass flow meters and controllers of the "red-y smart series" meet these requirements perfectly.

The pharmaceutical glass product is created from glass tubes about 2 meters long that are fed into a machine. These are heated, shaped and cut into individual bottles. The flames that heat the glass are produced by mixing a fuel gas with oxygen. Fuel gases can be hydrogen, propane, natural gas, etc. Sometimes air is also added to lower the temperature.

The goal of this process is to produce a uniform and consistent flame. This requires accurate and precise gas metering, regardless of temperature and pressure variations in the supply lines or environment.

A flame is a chemical reaction where the number of molecules determines the process. Therefore, the number of molecules or the mass of gases must be precisely controlled. In this way, the flame is no longer affected by pressure and temperature variations.

Since the quality of the glass tubes can fluctuate, the flame must be adjusted to the quality of the incoming glass. Some companies even use a visual monitoring system to measure small changes in the glass tubes and adjust the recipe of the flame to achieve the best results.

The MEMS technology used in modern mass flow controllers provides fast response times. Plug & play functionality with no warm-up period improves user productivity.

Vögtlin mass flow controllers compensate for changes in ambient or gas temperature through automatic temperature compensation. As a result, changing environmental factors such as air pressure and temperature no longer affect critical flames. This significantly improves repeatability. MEMS technology ensures long-term stability without deviations under the condition of a clean and dry gas supply. Thanks to this long-term stability, the same repeatable result is obtained again and again, without the need for annual recalibration.

Simple assemblies, where a series of mass flow controllers are built into a gas mixing system with O2 and a fuel gas inlet, make it easy and cost effective to install the system with a minimum number of leak points.

Other benefits of these complete gas supply modules include savings on purchasing loose gas fitting components, reduced time for on-site installation, and easy and accurate implementation of complicated gas mixing and distribution processes. Individual units can be calibrated for multiple gases, allowing you to change fuels as needed.

The "red-y smart series" works precisely, offers fast response times and contributes with its reliable productivity to sustainable cost savings short payback times are guaranteed.