WISER Unveils One-Click Calibration of Wireless Location and Tracking Devices

  • December 01, 2020
WISER Unveils One-Click Calibration of Wireless Location and Tracking Devices
WISER Unveils One-Click Calibration of Wireless Location and Tracking Devices

Dec. 1, 2020 - Raleigh, N.C. - WISER Systems, a world leader in ultra-wideband (UWB) wireless location and tracking systems, introduced a new set of calibration features for the WISER Locator as part of its exhibit at Industry Week’s Manufacturing & Technology virtual expo this week. WISER’s new features enable seamless installation of wireless location devices without a manual measurement of device locations or constant manual recalibrations.

“One of the biggest problems real-time location system face is the level of effort it takes to install the system and manually calibrate individual devices,” said WISER CEO Dr. Elaine Rideout. “Many location technologies require laser measurements between units as part of the setup process, so that the installer knows exactly where each unit is before the system ever operates. The slightest thing can knock these systems off-kilter—requiring users to constantly recalibrate to maintain accuracy. While our Locator system has worked for years without a need for cumbersome measurements, our newest iteration of wireless calibration is truly a game-changer, saving our customers time and money.”
The WISER Locator delivers precise real-time location and tracking using a mesh network of antenna nodes. Users position these antennas throughout a physical space to establish a tracking arena. However, to deliver accurate timing data, the system must be calibrated to account for each antenna’s location. Unless antenna positions are determined precisely, any positioning data will be inaccurate.
WISER’s new auto-calibration feature determines the relative location of each device autonomously, reducing the calibration process to one-click in most cases. Once running, it also detects in real time if an antenna is moved and notifies end-users so the mesh can be repaired without an interruption of location and tracking services.
“Fundamentally, what our engineers have done is removed the need for manual measurements during system setup,” Rideout said. “There’s still a physical component, in that the antennas need to be deployed throughout a physical setting, but our software can handle the rest. These new Locator features make our installation process faster and easier than anything we know of in the RTLS industry.”
WISER has introduced several other upgrades to its Locator system this year. In May, the company released a mobile app and new features to simplify large-scale system installations, to support database integration, and to improve the user experience. WISER also rolled out a new tracking tag form factor designed for rugged, industrial environments.
WISER will continue to show live demonstrations of the Locator system Dec. 1-3 as an exhibitor at the Manufacturing & Technology 2020 expo.

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