EVT Presents Allviss, the Assistance System for the Manual Workstation

  • December 15, 2021
  • EVT EyeVision Technology GmbH
EVT Presents Allviss, the Assistance System for the Manual Workstation
EVT Presents Allviss, the Assistance System for the Manual Workstation

Despite advancing automation, there are tasks within industrial production that can be automated only with difficulty or at high cost.

The solution for such tasks are manual workstations where employees take on these tasks, for example connecting a hose or correctly assembling components. The manual workstations and the required handles can be customized. However, it happens that work steps are not carried out precisely or incorrectly by the employee despite instruction. Allviss prevents the cognitive-sensory assistance system from doing this and also from time-consuming and costly rework.

With its sensors, Allviss recognizes which component is involved, shows it to the employee and shows step by step on the display which work is to be carried out and which components are to be attached.

In this way, the system supports the employee and provides information at an early stage if the wrong components have been used or installed in the wrong place. Allviss thus ensures that all work steps are carried out in the correct order with the correct components.

Various feedback, such as that of a torque wrench, can be fed directly into the intelligent assistance system through the interfaces. This not only ensures that the right components have been installed in the right place, but also that the screws have been tightened with the correct torque. After all work steps have been carried out correctly, Allviss gives a sign. The system relieves the employee mentally, because he can now be sure that, thanks to the so-called four-eyes principle (man and camera system), responsibility for error-free production does not lie solely with him.

Of course, the data that Allviss generates is also available directly for integration into a SCADA system, so that the required seamless verifiability can also be implemented for safety-relevant components.

The complete interaction with Allivss takes place via an intuitive touchscreen on which both the work steps and their logging take place. Allviss can also be configured directly on this screen. All processes and test steps are configured graphically using drag and drop and new components are trained by simply showing them in front of the camera.

The advantages of Allviss are manifold:

  • Quick and easy configuration for new tasks
  • Guarantees an automatic recognition of the products using RFID, barcode, DMC etc. or directly from the master computer
  • Carries out an automatic documentation and assignment of the work steps
  • Control of dimensions and positions of components (component recognition) and recognition of colors and codes
  • Marking and visualization of errors through optical, acoustic signals and direct screen displays
  • Good value for money
  • Provides a continuous overview of the production data
  • Enables strong networking with people, machines and products
  • Ensures data security for the solution
  • Has a high degree of flexibility, mobility and compatibility with machines / product and high ergonomics

Allviss is the partner of the production and the employee, relieves them and gives them the security of having done their work correctly. Visit our website or contact us for more information about Allviss!

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