DataHub IOT Gateway

  • July 31, 2020
  • Skkynet Cloud Systems
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DataHub IOT Gateway
DataHub IOT Gateway

What it does
Connects your plant data to any MQTT Broker, including Azure, Google and Amazon IoT.  With DataHub’s unique architecture, you can mirror your data from the plant to a DMZ without requiring any inbound firewall ports or VPNs, and securely connect to any cloud. Isolate your plant network from the Internet and your cloud service.  See the Video

  • No point count restrictions
  • Includes client and server interface for both OPC UA and OPC DA
  • Automatic OPC ↔ MQTT protocol conversion built-in.
  • Automatically discovers all the points from the server
  • Eliminates cache latency and stale data, so you always know the data quality and have the most current value
  • Multi-threaded interface means that a slow or non-responsive server will not slow down other connections
  • Optional store and forward with Version 10
Automatic discovery
  • You don’t have to select all the points you want to read from the server, let the DataHub browse the whole data set.
  • More robust―if the data set changes on the next run, the DataHub will figure it out.

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