Industrial IoT Redefined

  • September 30, 2020
  • Skkynet Cloud Systems
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Industrial IoT Redefined
Industrial IoT Redefined

Secure your control network – No engineering required!
The most cost-effective method to secure your control network is to eliminate your inbound firewall ports and VPNs.  DataHub is a simple out of the box solution that makes this possible without any network engineering.  
No exposure of the plant network: No VPNs means no extension of the plant’s security network. Works seamlessly within network proxies, data proxies and DMZ servers.
No disruptions from the IT network: Read-only options and non-intrusive connectivity ensure that the plant remains secure and functional, even if remote data access is degraded or a remote location is compromised.
No access beyond the required data:  The plant decides which data to make available remotely.
No compromise on performance: Real-time data is delivered at microseconds above network latency, easily scaling to 50,000+ data point changes per second, all the while preserving the data model across networks.
One-way or bidirectional data flow: Each connection can be configured as read-only or read-write, to support data monitoring or supervisory control.
Secure by design: With DataHub’s publish and subscribe architecture, security is built-in and always controlled at the Plant network.

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