Protect Your Investment, Stay Up-to-Date: with iDTM

  • June 01, 2020
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Protect Your Investment, Stay Up-to-Date: with iDTM
Protect Your Investment, Stay Up-to-Date: with iDTM

Protecting your investment these days is probably even more important than a couple of months ago.  As the global economy reacts to uncontrollable worldwide influences, now is the time to consider shifting strategies to streamline device integration, ensuring connectivity and data integrity for critical process applications.   

Today, the process automation industry is saturated with a mixture of device integration standard solutions (EDD, FDT/DTM and FDI), making it hard for device vendors to maintain each solution, with firmware upgrades, standard revisions, etc., for a single device.   With customers asking you to support all options for each device type, how about streamlining development efforts by combining all these technologies in just one solution: iDTM?

CodeWrights is your Expert to Speed-up Device Development and Deliver Benefits with the iDTM

  • Reduced technological risk, ensure interoperability: easily integrated in all important FDT FRAME-enabled host systems.
  • Protect your investment: Reuse your existing EDDs / FDI Device Packages
  • Sharpen focus: Take care for your EDD/FDI Device Package - iDTM delivers FDT technology.
  • Speed up development: Usage of standard tools and components.
  • Use our expertise: Profit from long-term experience on the market. FDT expertise from the beginning.
  • Be prepared for future: Stay up to date with regular updates and latest technology.
  • Offer backward compatibility: Deliver your field device into running plants using latest technology.
  • Implement your design: Look and feel according to your brand style.
  • Enjoy an easy process: Only a few steps to receive a functionable DTM.  
Here is how it works:
  1. Send EDD / FDI Device Package
  2. CodeWrights creates DTM setup
  3. Receive your customized setup
  4. You are ready to deliver the DTM with your device to your customers.
Please contact us for details.
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