Guarantee Quality with the Titan S8

  • December 17, 2020
  • MadgeTech Inc.
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Guarantee Quality with the Titan S8
Guarantee Quality with the Titan S8

The ultimate companion for industrial manufacturing and quality engineers, the MadgeTech Titan S8 is a precision test instrument and data logger for those constantly on the move.

Whether monitoring one or all eight fully programmable channels, the easy-to-use touchscreen interface allows users to quickly view and react to real-time data right from the palm of their hand, no software or computer required. 

The versatility of the Titan S8 will make life easier for those responsible for monitoring output, efficiency, safety, and need to satisfy compliance requirements. With an endless list of compatible sensor options, the Titan S8 delivers an all-in-one solution for a multitude of applications that measure temperature, current, voltage, pulse, and frequency.

Customizable features allow users to personalize the Titan S8 to save time and work smarter! Users can configure specified alarm notifications to prevent problems, dangerous situations, or product loss. Unit measurement preferences include the ability to create and save custom engineering units to fit the application need. Channel set up and configurations can also be saved and reloaded to ensure monitoring consistency over time and enable quick deployment of the device.

All you need is a Wi-Fi network or Ethernet to transform this powerful device into a streamlined monitoring solution. Easily gain remote access to the Titan S8 through any web browser through the Titan S8 wireless adapter. The remote user interface will show the current screen including any real-time readings being recorded. Users will also be able to navigate the device through the interface, providing complete control over functions without physically interacting with it.

The rechargeable Titan S8 is ready to use at a second’s notice, wherever it’s needed. Recorded data is saved to the device’s 1 GB of internal memory and can be offloaded to a USB drive at any time for further analysis and reporting.

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