Sensors for Maintenance + HSE

  • February 01, 2021
  • Arjay Engineering
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Sensors for Maintenance + HSE
Sensors for Maintenance + HSE

Arjay combines the field proven technology of capacitance with our own unique sensor designs to provide a wide range of sensors to meet most any leak and spill application.
On the plant floor, our sensor puck design slides easily in and around tanks, pumps, and valves.  In labs, they are readily placed in chemical storage pans and on floors. Multiple sensors can tie into one controller for a common alarm.  Buried and double-walled tanks can be fitted with our rigid and flexible probe design to reach down and monitor their lower interstitial spaces. We even have floating sensors for oil spills collecting on the water in sumps and containments.
With custom designs available and full Hazardous Location certifications, we are ready to help you with your own unique application.

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